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Re: Interactive querys - reordering

From: <ripley(at)gazeta(dot)pl>
To: "ngelo Marcos Rigo" <angelo_rigo(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br>
Cc: pgsql-php(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: Interactive querys - reordering
Date: 2003-12-23 11:34:05
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Lists: pgsql-php
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Od:    Ângelo Marcos Rigo <angelo_rigo(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br>

Data:  2003-12-23 12:03

Temat: Re: [PHP] Interactive querys - final version

:-> Hi all


:-> No problem in sharing the code to the list as i have

:-> done it before in others projects!


:-> I am still looking for a no javascrit way to

:-> reordenate the items that will compose the query.

:-> Maybe an array function do this job i will research


:-> The original idea come from a delphy ready made plugin

:-> that use buttons that can be selected and reordenated,



:-> So i think in the future the html <div></div> can play

:-> the role of the buttons, but the first version will be

:-> with two textareas


:-> Grretings from Brasil


:-> =====

:-> Ângelo Marcos Rigo


Hi :)

It is possible to perform custom actions on PHP - similar to Java

The only problem is, that you will have to reload all your webpage:

Generally my idea of simulating java by PHP divides in two:

- putting links <a href...></a> which loads the same PHP script but 
with different values of variables provided by get

    like you're seeing next

    and in neccesary parts of script php use the condition if

    if ($_GET["var"] == "ascending")


    if ($_GET["var1"] == "descending")


- putting several submit buttons in a form - every submit has got 
the same name but different value

 you read submit buttons in the same way as other fields: 
$_POST["submit_name"] - value of this variable will simply depends

on which of submit buttons has the user clicked before.

and in neccesary parts of script php use the condition if

if ($_POST["submit1"] == "ascending")


if ($_POST["submit1"] == "descending")


Now your example:

---- BEWARE - IT DOESN'T WORK CORRECTLY !!! ------------

I've got one problem with passing by get string that contents spaces 
- in my case server can't do this include

But I'm sending it to you - probably you will now how to "heal" this 

OK I'm assuming that you have one form with checkboxes, list and 
script "query-doit.php" in action

in "query-doit.php" you build the query_str with $_POST[] variables, 
send to database and

read the result and display the web page .

My idea is to add divide this script into 2 scripts

- the first is responsible for only building the query_str form 
checkboxes, lists etc. and sending the complete query string to

the second script with instruction include("http:

 - second script, responsible only for querying to database and 
displaying the result, which will receive by get text of the query 
and the variable responsible for type of order

put in it, this two links

<a href="showresult.php?query_str=<? echo $query_str ?

<a href="showresult.php?query_str=<? echo $query_str ?

and after retriving a result from the database and putting it to 
variable $result

if ($_GET["sort_type"]=="up")


     echo "<textarea>"; the $result variable with the for ($n=0; 
$n<=pg_num_rows($result)-1; $n++) {}

   echo "</textarea>";


if ($_GET["sort_type"] == "down")


    echo "<textarea>"; the $result with for ($n=pg_num_rows($result)-1;$n>=0;
$n--) {...}

    echo "</textarea>;


If the user want's to reorder the positions of the query "down" - he 
will clik the link titled Down, which will cause the script to 
reload himself,

sending himself the same querystring but the different sort_type

Is that it what you're asking about?

Hope To Help

Asia Sledzik

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