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ODBC 6.4 + PostgreSQL 6.5 = Can't browse tables

From: "Chay Wesley" <chay(at)ci(dot)danville(dot)ky(dot)us>
To: <pgsql-interfaces(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: ODBC 6.4 + PostgreSQL 6.5 = Can't browse tables
Date: 1999-06-25 14:08:30
Message-ID: 004801bebf14$36a5cfc0$ (view raw, whole thread or download thread mbox)
Lists: pgsql-interfaces
I've recently upgraded both pieces of software (DB, & ODBC), and since then, I can't browse tables in the DB using the ODBC driver.
For example, open Access 97, use 'Get External Data -> Link Tables -> ODBC, etc' and when the tables list comes up, it is completely empty.  This even occurs if I have selected 'Show System Tables' in the ODBC configuration.  I have appended the resultant  psqlodbc.log file to the end of this message.  As a side note, accessing the database via JDBC from within NetBeans (on the workstation) seems to work fine, as does psql on the server.

Other (possibly) relevant info:
    Workstation: NT Workstation 4.0, Service Pack 4
   Server (i386): RedHat Linux 6.0, Postgres 6.5 
Any ideas/help appreciated.
Chay Wesley  (chay(at)ci(dot)danville(dot)ky(dot)us)
Director of Financial Information Services
City of Danville, Kentucky

psqlodbc.log :
conn=155203152, SQLDriverConnect( in)='DSN=JobShop;', fDriverCompletion=1
DSN info: DSN='JobShop',server='',port='5432',dbase='jobshop',user='postgres',passwd='blablabla'
Global Options: Version='06.40.0006', fetch=100, socket=4096, unknown_sizes=0, max_varchar_size=254, max_longvarchar_size=8190
                disable_optimizer=1, ksqo=1, unique_index=0, use_declarefetch=0
                text_as_longvarchar=1, unknowns_as_longvarchar=0, bools_as_char=1
                extra_systable_prefixes='dd_;', conn_settings=''
conn=155203152, query=' '
conn=155203152, query='set DateStyle to 'ISO''
conn=155203152, query='set geqo to 'OFF''
conn=155203152, query='set ksqo to 'ON''
conn=155203152, query='select oid from pg_type where typname='lo''
    [ fetched 0 rows ]
conn=155203152, query='SELECT Config, nValue FROM MSysConf'
ERROR from backend during send_query: 'ERROR:  msysconf: Table does not exist.'
STATEMENT ERROR: func=SC_execute, desc='', errnum=1, errmsg='Error while executing the query'
                 hdbc=155203152, stmt=155254848, result=0
                 manual_result=0, prepare=0, internal=0
                 bindings=0, bindings_allocated=0
                 parameters=0, parameters_allocated=0
                 statement_type=0, statement='SELECT Config, nValue FROM MSysConf'
                 stmt_with_params='SELECT Config, nValue FROM MSysConf'
                 data_at_exec=-1, current_exec_param=-1, put_data=0
                 currTuple=-1, current_col=-1, lobj_fd=-1
                 maxRows=0, rowset_size=1, keyset_size=0, cursor_type=0, scroll_concurrency=1
                 ----------------QResult Info -------------------------------
CONN ERROR: func=SC_execute, desc='', errnum=110, errmsg='ERROR:  msysconf: Table does not exist.'
            henv=155197000, conn=155203152, status=1, num_stmts=16
            sock=155197016, stmts=155197064, lobj_type=-999
            ---------------- Socket Info -------------------------------
            socket=352, reverse=0, errornumber=0, errormsg='(null)'
            buffer_in=155209488, buffer_out=155213592
            buffer_filled_in=42, buffer_filled_out=0, buffer_read_in=42
conn=155203152, query='select relname, usename, relhasrules from pg_class, pg_user where relkind = 'r' and relname !~ '^xinv[0-9]+' and int4out(usesysid) = int4out(relowner)order by relname'
    [ fetched 0 rows ]
conn=155203152, SQLDisconnect
End of pgsqlodbc.log.


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