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Timing Results

These timing results are from running the regression test with the command

% time make runtest

Timing under Linux 2.0.27 seems to have a roughly 5% variation from run to run, presumably due to the timing vagaries of multitasking systems.


  Time   System
  02:30  Dual Pentium Pro 180, 96MB, UW-SCSI, Linux 2.0.30, gcc -O2 -m486
  04:12  Dual Pentium Pro 180, 96MB, EIDE, Linux 2.0.30, gcc -O2 -m486


  Time   System
  06:12  Pentium Pro 180, 32MB, Linux 2.0.30, gcc 2.7.2 -O2 -m486
  12:06  P-100, 48MB, Linux 2.0.29, gcc
  39:58  Sparc IPC 32MB, Solaris 2.5, gcc -O -g

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