Unsupported versions: 6.3
This documentation is for an unsupported version of PostgreSQL.
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Chapter 17. Ports

Table of Contents
Currently Supported Platforms
Unsupported Platforms

Currently Supported Platforms

Postgres is available free of charge. This manual describes version 6.3 of Postgres. The authors have compiled and tested Postgres on the following platforms:

Table 17-1. Supported Platforms


Processor Version Reported Remarks
AIX 4.1.x-4.2 RS6000 v6.3 1998-03-01,4.2 (Darren King), 4.1.5 (Andreas Zeugswetter); 3.2.5 confirmed on v6.2.1 (Frank Dana)
BSDi x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 (Bruce Momjian
FreeBSD 2.2.x-3.x x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 (Tatsuo Ishii, Marc Fournier)
NetBSD 1.3 x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 (Brook Milligan)
NetBSD 1.3 Sparc v6.3 1998-03-01 (Tom I Helbekkmo)
NetBSD 1.3 VAX v6.3 1998-03-01 (Tom I Helbekkmo)
DGUX 5.4R4.11 m88k v6.3 1998-03-01 (Brian E Gallew)
HPUX 10.20 PA-RISC v6.3 1998-03-01 9.0.x confirmed on v6.2.1 (Stan Brown)
IRIX 6.x MIPS v6.3 1998-03-01 5.x is different (Andrew Martin)
Digital 4.0 Alpha v6.3 1998-03-01 in progress; v6.2.1 confirmed working (Pedro J. Lobo)
linux 2.0.x Alpha v6.3 1998-03-01 partial success (Ryan Kirkpatrick, Jeff Sturm )
linux 2.0.x x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 (Thomas Lockhart, Tatsuo Ishii)
linux 2.0.x Sparc v6.3 1998-03-01 (Tom Szybist)
mklinux PPC v6.3 1998-03-01 (Tatsuo Ishii)
SCO x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 partial success (Billy G. Allie)
Solaris x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 (Marc Fournier)
Solaris 2.5.1-2.6 x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 (Marc Fournier, Tatsuo Ishii)
SunOS 4.1.4 Sparc v6.3 1998-03-01 patches submitted (Tatsuo Ishii)
SVR4 MIPS v6.3 1998-03-01 similar to v6.2.1; "mostly working" (Frank Ridderbusch)
SVR4 4.4 m88k v6.2.1 1998-03-01 confirmed with patching (Doug Winterburn)
Unixware x86 v6.3 1998-03-01 aka UNIVEL (Billy G. Allie)
NextStep x86 v6.x 1998-03-01 client-only support; v1.0.9 worked with patches (David Wetzel)

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