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37.59. usage_privileges

The view usage_privileges identifies USAGE privileges granted on various kinds of objects to a currently enabled role or by a currently enabled role. In PostgreSQL, this currently applies to collations, domains, foreign-data wrappers, foreign servers, and sequences. There is one row for each combination of object, grantor, and grantee.

Since collations do not have real privileges in PostgreSQL, this view shows implicit non-grantable USAGE privileges granted by the owner to PUBLIC for all collations. The other object types, however, show real privileges.

In PostgreSQL, sequences also support SELECT and UPDATE privileges in addition to the USAGE privilege. These are nonstandard and therefore not visible in the information schema.

Table 37.57. usage_privileges Columns

Column Type


grantor sql_identifier

Name of the role that granted the privilege

grantee sql_identifier

Name of the role that the privilege was granted to

object_catalog sql_identifier

Name of the database containing the object (always the current database)

object_schema sql_identifier

Name of the schema containing the object, if applicable, else an empty string

object_name sql_identifier

Name of the object

object_type character_data


privilege_type character_data

Always USAGE

is_grantable yes_or_no

YES if the privilege is grantable, NO if not

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