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pgAdmin 4

pgAdmin 4 is a rewrite of pgAdmin III (see below) in Python/Javascript. It is
able to be run either in it's own C++ based Desktop Runtime, or as a web
application for multiple users.

pgAdmin 3

pgAdmin 3 is a database design and management application for use with 
PostgreSQL. It is written in C++ using the wxWidgets (
cross-platform framework to allow it to run on multiple platforms.

pgAdmin 3 is no longer being maintained.

pgAdmin 2

pgAdmin 2 was written in Visual Basic 6 and was supported only on Windows. It
is included here for interests sake only and is completely unsupported.


pgAgent is a job scheduler for PostgreSQL that works with pgAdmin. This directory
contains source code tarballs. It is recommended that users obtain binaries of
pgAgent either through StackBuilder if using EDB Installers for PostgreSQL, or
from their choice of alternate packager (RPM, DEB etc.).


pgAdmin is released under the PostgreSQL Licence.

Please visit for more details.