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48.50. pg_ts_parser

The pg_ts_parser catalog contains entries defining text search parsers. A parser is responsible for splitting input text into lexemes and assigning a token type to each lexeme. Since a parser must be implemented by C-language-level functions, creation of new parsers is restricted to database superusers.

PostgreSQL's text search features are described at length in Chapter 12.

Table 48-50. pg_ts_parser Columns

Name Type References Description
oid oid   Row identifier (hidden attribute; must be explicitly selected)
prsname name   Text search parser name
prsnamespace oid pg_namespace.oid The OID of the namespace that contains this parser
prsstart regproc pg_proc.oid OID of the parser's startup function
prstoken regproc pg_proc.oid OID of the parser's next-token function
prsend regproc pg_proc.oid OID of the parser's shutdown function
prsheadline regproc pg_proc.oid OID of the parser's headline function
prslextype regproc pg_proc.oid OID of the parser's lextype function

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