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41.1. Interface Functions

Table of Contents
SPI_connect -- connect a procedure to the SPI manager
SPI_finish -- disconnect a procedure from the SPI manager
SPI_push -- push SPI stack to allow recursive SPI usage
SPI_pop -- pop SPI stack to return from recursive SPI usage
SPI_execute -- execute a command
SPI_exec -- execute a read/write command
SPI_prepare -- prepare a plan for a command, without executing it yet
SPI_getargcount -- return the number of arguments needed by a plan prepared by SPI_prepare
SPI_getargtypeid -- return the data type OID for an argument of a plan prepared by SPI_prepare
SPI_is_cursor_plan -- return true if a plan prepared by SPI_prepare can be used with SPI_cursor_open
SPI_execute_plan -- execute a plan prepared by SPI_prepare
SPI_execp -- execute a plan in read/write mode
SPI_cursor_open -- set up a cursor using a plan created with SPI_prepare
SPI_cursor_find -- find an existing cursor by name
SPI_cursor_fetch -- fetch some rows from a cursor
SPI_cursor_move -- move a cursor
SPI_cursor_close -- close a cursor
SPI_saveplan -- save a plan

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