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E.19. Release 8.2.5

Release Date: 2007-09-17

This release contains a variety of fixes from 8.2.4. For information about new features in the 8.2 major release, see Section E.24.

E.19.1. Migration to Version 8.2.5

A dump/restore is not required for those running 8.2.X.

E.19.2. Changes

  • Prevent index corruption when a transaction inserts rows and then aborts close to the end of a concurrent VACUUM on the same table (Tom)

  • Fix ALTER DOMAIN ADD CONSTRAINT for cases involving domains over domains (Tom)

  • Make CREATE DOMAIN ... DEFAULT NULL work properly (Tom)

  • Fix some planner problems with outer joins, notably poor size estimation for t1 LEFT JOIN t2 WHERE t2.col IS NULL (Tom)

  • Allow the interval data type to accept input consisting only of milliseconds or microseconds (Neil)

  • Allow timezone name to appear before the year in timestamp input (Tom)

  • Fixes for GIN indexes used by /contrib/tsearch2 (Teodor)

  • Speed up rtree index insertion (Teodor)

  • Fix excessive logging of SSL error messages (Tom)

  • Fix logging so that log messages are never interleaved when using the syslogger process (Andrew)

  • Fix crash when log_min_error_statement logging runs out of memory (Tom)

  • Fix incorrect handling of some foreign-key corner cases (Tom)

  • Fix stddev_pop(numeric) and var_pop(numeric) (Tom)

  • Prevent REINDEX and CLUSTER from failing due to attempting to process temporary tables of other sessions (Alvaro)

  • Update the time zone database rules, particularly New Zealand's upcoming changes (Tom)

  • Windows socket and semaphore improvements (Magnus)

  • Make pg_ctl -w work properly in Windows service mode (Dave Page)

  • Fix memory allocation bug when using MIT Kerberos on Windows (Magnus)

  • Suppress timezone name (%Z) in log timestamps on Windows because of possible encoding mismatches (Tom)

  • Require non-superusers who use /contrib/dblink to use only password authentication, as a security measure (Joe)

  • Restrict /contrib/pgstattuple functions to superusers, for security reasons (Tom)

  • Do not let /contrib/intarray try to make its GIN opclass the default (this caused problems at dump/restore) (Tom)