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E.30. Release 7.4.1

Release date: 2003-12-22

This release contains a variety of fixes from 7.4. For information about new features in the 7.4 major release, see Section E.31.

E.30.1. Migration to Version 7.4.1

A dump/restore is not required for those running 7.4.

If you want to install the fixes in the information schema you need to reload it into the database. This is either accomplished by initializing a new cluster by running initdb, or by running the following sequence of SQL commands in each database (ideally including template1) as a superuser in psql, after installing the new release:

DROP SCHEMA information_schema CASCADE;
\i /usr/local/pgsql/share/information_schema.sql

Substitute your installation path in the second command.

E.30.2. Changes

  • Fixed bug in CREATE SCHEMA parsing in ECPG (Michael)

  • Fix compile error when --enable-thread-safety and --with-perl are used together (Peter)

  • Fix for subqueries that used hash joins (Tom)

    Certain subqueries that used hash joins would crash because of improperly shared structures.

  • Fix free space map compaction bug (Tom)

    This fixes a bug where compaction of the free space map could lead to a database server shutdown.

  • Fix for Borland compiler build of libpq (Bruce)

  • Fix netmask() and hostmask() to return the maximum-length masklen (Tom)

    Fix these functions to return values consistent with pre-7.4 releases.

  • Several contrib/pg_autovacuum fixes

    Fixes include improper variable initialization, missing vacuum after TRUNCATE, and duration computation overflow for long vacuums.

  • Allow compile of contrib/cube under Cygwin (Jason Tishler)

  • Fix Solaris use of password file when no passwords are defined (Tom)

    Fix crash on Solaris caused by use of any type of password authentication when no passwords were defined.

  • JDBC fix for thread problems, other fixes

  • Fix for bytea index lookups (Joe)

  • Fix information schema for bit data types (Peter)

  • Force zero_damaged_pages to be on during recovery from WAL

  • Prevent some obscure cases of "variable not in subplan target lists"

  • Make PQescapeBytea and byteaout consistent with each other (Joe)

  • Escape bytea output for bytes > 0x7e(Joe)

    If different client encodings are used for bytea output and input, it is possible for bytea values to be corrupted by the differing encodings. This fix escapes all bytes that might be affected.

  • Added missing SPI_finish() calls to dblink's get_tuple_of_interest() (Joe)

  • New Czech FAQ

  • Fix information schema view constraint_column_usage for foreign keys (Peter)

  • ECPG fixes (Michael)

  • Fix bug with multiple IN subqueries and joins in the subqueries (Tom)

  • Allow COUNT('x') to work (Tom)

  • Install ECPG include files for Informix compatibility into separate directory (Peter)

    Some names of ECPG include files for Informix compatibility conflicted with operating system include files. By installing them in their own directory, name conflicts have been reduced.

  • Fix SSL memory leak (Neil)

    This release fixes a bug in 7.4 where SSL didn't free all memory it allocated.

  • Prevent pg_service.conf from using service name as default dbname (Bruce)

  • Fix local ident authentication on FreeBSD (Tom)