16th June 2022: PostgreSQL 14.4 Released!
Unsupported versions: 7.4 / 7.3 / 7.2 / 7.1
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29.3. pgtcl Command Reference

Table of Contents
pg_connect -- open a connection to the server
pg_disconnect -- close a connection to the server
pg_conndefaults -- get connection options and their defaults
pg_exec -- send a command to the server
pg_result -- get information about a command result
pg_select -- loop over the result of a query
pg_execute -- send a query and optionally loop over the results
pg_listen -- set or change a callback for asynchronous notification messages
pg_on_connection_loss -- set or change a callback for unexpected connection loss
pg_lo_creat -- create a large object
pg_lo_open -- open a large object
pg_lo_close -- close a large object
pg_lo_read -- read from a large object
pg_lo_write -- write to a large object
pg_lo_lseek -- seek to a position of a large object
pg_lo_tell -- return the current seek position of a large object
pg_lo_unlink -- delete a large object
pg_lo_import -- import a large object from a file
pg_lo_export -- export a large object to a file