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3.9. pg_index

pg_index contains part of the information about indexes. The rest is mostly in pg_class.

Table 3-9. pg_index Columns

Name Type References Description
indexrelid oid pg_class.oid The oid of the pg_class entry for this index
indrelid oid pg_class.oid The oid of the pg_class entry for the table this index is for
indproc oid pg_proc.oid The registered procedure if this is a functional index
indkey int2vector pg_attribute.attnum This is an vector (array) of up to INDEX_MAX_KEYS values that indicate which table columns this index pertains to. For example a value of 1 3 would mean that the first and the third column make up the index key.
indclass oidvector pg_opclass.oid For each column in the index key this contains a reference to the "operator class" to use. See pg_opclass for details.
indisclustered bool   unused
indislossy bool   ???
indisunique bool   If true, this is a unique index.
indisprimary bool   If true, this index is a unique index that represents the primary key of the table.
indreference oid   unused
indpred text   Query plan for partial index predicate (not functional)
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