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IP V4 INET Operators

Table 4-7. PostgresIP V4 INET Operators

Operator Description Usage
< Less than ''::inet < ''::inet
<= Less than or equal ''::inet <= ''::inet
= Equals ''::inet = ''::inet
>= Greater or equal ''::inet >= ''::inet
> Greater ''::inet > ''::inet
<> Not equal ''::inet <> ''::inet
<< is contained within ''::inet << '192.168.1/24'::inet
<<= is contained within or equals '192.168.1/24'::inet <<= '192.168.1/24'::inet
>> contains '192.168.1/24'::inet >> ''::inet
>>= contains or equals '192.168.1/24'::inet >>= '192.168.1/24'::inet

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