Unsupported versions: 7.0 / 6.5 / 6.4

Chapter 22. Ports

This manual describes version 7.0 of Postgres. The Postgres developer community has compiled and tested Postgres on a number of platforms. Check the web site for the latest information.

Currently Supported Platforms

At the time of publication, the following platforms have been tested:

Table 22-1. Supported Platforms

OS Processor Version Reported Remarks
AIX 4.3.2 RS6000 v7.0 2000-04-05 Andreas Zeugswetter
BSDI 4.01 x86 v7.0 2000-04-04 Bruce Momjian
Compaq Tru64 5.0 Alpha v7.0 2000-04-11 Andrew McMurry
FreeBSD 4.0 x86 v7.0 2000-04-04 Marc Fournier
HPUX PA-RISC v7.0 2000-04-12 Both 9.0x and 10.20. Tom Lane
IRIX 6.5.6f MIPS v6.5.3 2000-02-18 MIPSPro N32 build. Kevin Wheatley
Linux 2.0.x Alpha v7.0 2000-04-05 With published patches. Ryan Kirkpatrick
Linux 2.2.x armv4l v7.0 2000-04-17 Regression test needs work. Mark Knox
Linux 2.2.x x86 v7.0 2000-03-26 Lamar Owens
Linux 2.0.x MIPS v7.0 2000-04-13 Cobalt Qube. Tatsuo Ishii
Linux 2.2.5 Sparc v7.0 2000-04-02 Tom Szybist
LinuxPPC R4 PPC603e v7.0 2000-04-13 Tatsuo Ishii
mklinux PPC750 v7.0 2000-04-13 Tatsuo Ishii
NetBSD 1.4 arm32 v7.0 2000-04-08 Patrick Welche
NetBSD 1.4U x86 v7.0 2000-03-26 Patrick Welche
NetBSD m68k v7.0 2000-04-10 Mac 8xx. Henry B. Hotz
NetBSD/sparc Sparc v7.0 2000-04-13 Tom I Helbekkmo
QNX 4.25 x86 v7.0 2000-04-01 Dr. Andreas Kardos
SCO OpenServer 5 x86 v6.5 1999-05-25 Andrew Merrill
SCO UnixWare 7 x86 v7.0 2000-04-18 See FAQ. Billy G. Allie
Solaris x86 v7.0 2000-04-12 Marc Fournier
Solaris 2.5.1-2.7 Sparc v7.0 2000-04-12 Peter Eisentraut, Marc Fournier
SunOS 4.1.4 Sparc v7.0 2000-04-13 Tatsuo Ishii
Windows/Win32 x86 v7.0 2000-04-02 Client-side libraries or ODBC/JDBC. No server-side. Magnus Hagander
WinNT/Cygwin x86 v7.0 2000-03-30 Uses Cygwin library. Daniel Horak

Note: For Windows NT, the server-side port of Postgres uses the RedHat/Cygnus Cygwin library and toolset. For Windows 9x, no server-side port is available due to OS limitations.