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Mathematical Functions

Table 5-2. Mathematical Functions

Function Returns Description Example
abs(float8) float8 absolute value abs(-17.4)
degrees(float8) float8 radians to degrees degrees(0.5)
exp(float8) float8 raise e to the specified exponent exp(2.0)
ln(float8) float8 natural logarithm ln(2.0)
log(float8) float8 base 10 logarithm log(2.0)
pi() float8 fundamental constant pi()
pow(float8,float8) float8 raise a number to the specified exponent pow(2.0, 16.0)
radians(float8) float8 degrees to radians radians(45.0)
round(float8) float8 round to nearest integer round(42.4)
sqrt(float8) float8 square root sqrt(2.0)
cbrt(float8) float8 cube root cbrt(27.0)
trunc(float8) float8 truncate (towards zero) trunc(42.4)
float(int) float8 convert integer to floating point float(2)
float4(int) float4 convert integer to floating point float4(2)
integer(float) int convert floating point to integer integer(2.0)

Most of the functions listed for FLOAT8 are also available for type NUMERIC.

Table 5-3. Transcendental Mathematical Functions

Function Returns Description Example
acos(float8) float8 arccosine acos(10.0)
asin(float8) float8 arcsine asin(10.0)
atan(float8) float8 arctangent atan(10.0)
atan2(float8,float8) float8 arctangent atan3(10.0,20.0)
cos(float8) float8 cosine cos(0.4)
cot(float8) float8 cotangent cot(20.0)
sin(float8) float8 sine cos(0.4)
tan(float8) float8 tangent tan(0.4)