Unsupported versions: 6.4
This documentation is for an unsupported version of PostgreSQL.
You may want to view the same page for the current version, or one of the other supported versions listed above instead.

Directory Layout

Note: This should become a table in the previous section.

  input/ .... .source files that are converted using 'make all' into
              some of the .sql files in the 'sql' subdirectory

  output/ ... .source files that are converted using 'make all' into
              .out files in the 'expected' subdirectory

  sql/ ...... .sql files used to perform the regression tests

  expected/ . .out files that represent what we *expect* the results to
              look like

  results/ .. .out files that represent what the results *actually* look
              like. Also used as temporary storage for table copy testing.