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Regression Environment

The regression test is invoked by the make command which compiles a C program into a shared library in the current directory. Localized shell scripts are also created in the current directory. The output file templates are massaged into the ./expected/*.out files. The localization replaces macros in the source files with absolute pathnames and user names.

Normally, the regression test should be run as the pg_superuser since the 'src/test/regress' directory and sub-directories are owned by the pg_superuser. If you run the regression test as another user the 'src/test/regress' directory tree should be writeable to that user.

The postmaster should be invoked with the system time zone set for Berkeley, California. This is done automatically by the regression test script. However, it does require machine support for the PST8PDT time zone.

To verify that your machine does have this support, type the following:

    setenv TZ PST8PDT

The "date" command above should have returned the current system time in the PST8PDT time zone. If the PST8PDT database is not available, then your system may have returned the time in GMT. If the PST8PDT time zone is not available, you can set the time zone rules explicitly:

    setenv PGTZ PST8PDT7,M04.01.0,M10.05.03

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