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Alternate Toolsets

The current stable release of sgml-tools is version 1.0.4. The v1.0 release includes some restructuring of the directory tree to more easily support additional document styles, possibly including DocBook. The only version of sgml-tools evaluated for Postgres was v0.99.0.


Install sgml-tools-0.99.0

Apply sgml-tools-patches to the linuxdoc styles. These patches fix small problems with table formatting and with figure file names on conversion to postscript or html.


The current stable release of sgml2latex is version 1.4. I have misplaced the original reference for this package, so will temporarily post it with this example.

Install sgml2latex.


Get and install texmf, teTeX, or another package providing full tex/latex functionality.

Add the required styles linuxdoc-sgml.sty, linuxdoc-sgml-a4.sty isolatin.sty, qwertz.sty, and null.sty to texmf/tex/latex/tools/ or the appropriate area.

% cat latex-styles-0.99.0.tar.gz | (cd texmf/tex/latex/tools/; tar zxvf -)
Run texhash to update the tex database.
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