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35.15. column_privileges #

The view column_privileges identifies all privileges granted on columns to a currently enabled role or by a currently enabled role. There is one row for each combination of column, grantor, and grantee.

If a privilege has been granted on an entire table, it will show up in this view as a grant for each column, but only for the privilege types where column granularity is possible: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, REFERENCES.

Table 35.13. column_privileges Columns

Column Type


grantor sql_identifier

Name of the role that granted the privilege

grantee sql_identifier

Name of the role that the privilege was granted to

table_catalog sql_identifier

Name of the database that contains the table that contains the column (always the current database)

table_schema sql_identifier

Name of the schema that contains the table that contains the column

table_name sql_identifier

Name of the table that contains the column

column_name sql_identifier

Name of the column

privilege_type character_data

Type of the privilege: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or REFERENCES

is_grantable yes_or_no

YES if the privilege is grantable, NO if not