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51.24. pg_foreign_server #

The catalog pg_foreign_server stores foreign server definitions. A foreign server describes a source of external data, such as a remote server. Foreign servers are accessed via foreign-data wrappers.

Table 51.24. pg_foreign_server Columns

Column Type


oid oid

Row identifier

srvname name

Name of the foreign server

srvowner oid (references pg_authid.oid)

Owner of the foreign server

srvfdw oid (references pg_foreign_data_wrapper.oid)

OID of the foreign-data wrapper of this foreign server

srvtype text

Type of the server (optional)

srvversion text

Version of the server (optional)

srvacl aclitem[]

Access privileges; see Section 5.8 for details

srvoptions text[]

Foreign server specific options, as keyword=value strings