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77.3. Backup Manifest WAL Range Object #

The object which describes a WAL range always has three keys:


The timeline for this range of WAL records, as an integer.


The LSN at which replay must begin on the indicated timeline in order to make use of this backup. The LSN is stored in the format normally used by PostgreSQL; that is, it is a string consisting of two strings of hexadecimal characters, each with a length of between 1 and 8, separated by a slash.


The earliest LSN at which replay on the indicated timeline may end when making use of this backup. This is stored in the same format as Start-LSN.

Ordinarily, there will be only a single WAL range. However, if a backup is taken from a standby which switches timelines during the backup due to an upstream promotion, it is possible for multiple ranges to be present, each with a different timeline. There will never be multiple WAL ranges present for the same timeline.