Supported Versions: Current (16) / 15 / 14
Development Versions: 17 / devel


SPI_prepare_extended — prepare a statement, without executing it yet


SPIPlanPtr SPI_prepare_extended(const char * command,
                                const SPIPrepareOptions * options)


SPI_prepare_extended creates and returns a prepared statement for the specified command, but doesn't execute the command. This function is equivalent to SPI_prepare, with the addition that the caller can specify options to control the parsing of external parameter references, as well as other facets of query parsing and planning.


const char * command

command string

const SPIPrepareOptions * options

struct containing optional arguments

Callers should always zero out the entire options struct, then fill whichever fields they want to set. This ensures forward compatibility of code, since any fields that are added to the struct in future will be defined to behave backwards-compatibly if they are zero. The currently available options fields are:

ParserSetupHook parserSetup

Parser hook setup function

void * parserSetupArg

pass-through argument for parserSetup

RawParseMode parseMode

mode for raw parsing; RAW_PARSE_DEFAULT (zero) produces default behavior

int cursorOptions

integer bit mask of cursor options; zero produces default behavior

Return Value

SPI_prepare_extended has the same return conventions as SPI_prepare.

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