24th September 2020: PostgreSQL 13 Released!
Supported Versions: 11


pg_verify_checksums — verify data checksums in a PostgreSQL database cluster


pg_verify_checksums [option...] [[ -D | --pgdata ] datadir]


pg_verify_checksums verifies data checksums in a PostgreSQL cluster. The server must be shut down cleanly before running pg_verify_checksums. The exit status is zero if there are no checksum errors, otherwise nonzero.


The following command-line options are available:

-D directory

Specifies the directory where the database cluster is stored.


Enable verbose output. Lists all checked files.

-r relfilenode

Only validate checksums in the relation with specified relfilenode.


Print the pg_verify_checksums version and exit.


Show help about pg_verify_checksums command line arguments, and exit.



Specifies the directory where the database cluster is stored; can be overridden using the -D option.

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