Supported Versions: Current (15) / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11
Development Versions: devel
Unsupported versions: 10 / 9.6 / 9.5 / 9.4 / 9.3 / 9.2 / 9.1 / 9.0 / 8.4 / 8.3 / 8.2 / 8.1

64.5. Examples

The PostgreSQL source distribution includes several examples of index methods implemented using GiST. The core system currently provides text search support (indexing for tsvector and tsquery) as well as R-Tree equivalent functionality for some of the built-in geometric data types (see src/backend/access/gist/gistproc.c). The following contrib modules also contain GiST operator classes:


B-tree equivalent functionality for several data types


Indexing for multidimensional cubes


Module for storing (key, value) pairs


RD-Tree for one-dimensional array of int4 values


Indexing for tree-like structures


Text similarity using trigram matching


Indexing for float ranges

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