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Development Versions: 17 / devel
Unsupported versions: 11 / 10
This documentation is for an unsupported version of PostgreSQL.
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31.8. Configuration Settings

Logical replication requires several configuration options to be set.

On the publisher side, wal_level must be set to logical, and max_replication_slots must be set to at least the number of subscriptions expected to connect, plus some reserve for table synchronization. And max_wal_senders should be set to at least the same as max_replication_slots plus the number of physical replicas that are connected at the same time.

The subscriber also requires the max_replication_slots be set to configure how many replication origins can be tracked. In this case it should be set to at least the number of subscriptions that will be added to the subscriber. max_logical_replication_workers must be set to at least the number of subscriptions, again plus some reserve for the table synchronization. Additionally the max_worker_processes may need to be adjusted to accommodate for replication workers, at least (max_logical_replication_workers + 1). Note that some extensions and parallel queries also take worker slots from max_worker_processes.