Core Team Report: June 2019 - December 2021

This is a high level report of the activities of the PostgreSQL Core Team during the period of June 2019 to December 2021. While we aim for full transparency, some activities may be kept confidential for privacy and other reasons.

  • Creation of a Contributors Committee

    The Contributors Committee was set up to create guidelines for how to measure contributions to the PostgreSQL Project. Periodically, this committee evaluates contributor status in the community and recognizes new contributors and major contributors to the project.

  • Recognized PostgreSQL User Group (PUG) Guidelines

    The Recognized PostgreSQL User Group (PUG) guidelines were established to provide a framework for creating a consistent local user group experience for PostgreSQL meetups. These guidelines were also incorporated into the revised PostgreSQL Trademark Policy.

  • Revised Trademark Policy

    The Core Team has previously delegated management of the PostgreSQL trademarks to the PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada (PGCAC). Through the advice of legal counsel, the PostgreSQL Core Team accepted revisions to the PostgreSQL Trademark Policy. The Core Team worked with PGCAC to ensure the trademark policy would continue to be fair and open while providing additional protections to the PostgreSQL trademarks.

  • Planet PostgreSQL Policy Revisions

    Planet PostgreSQL provides a means for people to syndicate blogs on topics around PostgreSQL. The Planet PostgreSQL moderation team proposed revisions to the policy to allow for blogs to contain video content under certain conditions. After some discussion, the Core Team chose to accept the policy revisions.

  • Revisions to Community Conference Guidelines

    The Community Conference guidelines provide a framework for creating a consistent experience across PostgreSQL conferences. After several years of events following the initial guidelines, the Core Team incorporated feedback from the events and, working with several conference organizers, amended the guidelines. Changes include guidelines around the organizing committee and specific requirements around the use of a code of conduct.

  • Trademark Dispute

    The PostgreSQL Core Team, working with the PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada and PostgreSQL Europe, have been engaged in a trademark dispute with a 3rd party organization. The Core Team published a summary of the dispute. This matter is still ongoing at the time of this report.

  • Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct Committee

    The PostgreSQL Core Team accepted several changes to the Code of Conduct, particularly around committee selection and transition.

  • New Core Team Members

    The PostgreSQL Core Team welcomed Andres Freund and Jonathan Katz to the Core Team.

  • Revisions to Committers

    Following the guidance of existing PostgreSQL Committers, the PostgreSQL Core Team welcomed several new committers to the Project, including:

    • Daniel Gustafsson
    • John Naylor
  • Due to inactivity within the project, the Core Team also revoked the commit bits from several previous committers.