14th September 2023: PostgreSQL 16 Released!


Extension script @substitutions@ within quoting allow SQL injection

An extension script is vulnerable if it uses @extowner@, @extschema@, or @extschema:...@ inside a quoting construct (dollar quoting, '', or ""). No bundled extension is vulnerable. Vulnerable uses do appear in a documentation example and in non-bundled extensions. Hence, the attack prerequisite is an administrator having installed files of a vulnerable, trusted, non-bundled extension. Subject to that prerequisite, this enables an attacker having database-level CREATE privilege to execute arbitrary code as the bootstrap superuser. PostgreSQL will block this attack in the core server, so there's no need to modify individual extensions.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Micah Gate, Valerie Woolard, Tim Carey-Smith, and Christoph Berg for reporting this problem.

Version Information

Affected Version Fixed In Fix Published
15 15.4 2023-08-10
14 14.9 2023-08-10
13 13.12 2023-08-10
12 12.16 2023-08-10
11 11.21 2023-08-10

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CVSS 3.0

Overall Score 7.5
Component core server
Vector AV:N/AC:H/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H

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