18th October 2018: PostgreSQL 11 Released!

Professional Services - South America

The following Professional Services are registered in South America.

2ndQuadrant Ltd

Website http://www.2ndquadrant.com/
Description 2ndQuadrant offers professional PostgreSQL consulting services, including support and training. In addition to the many services we offer, we can also provide hosting of professional PostgreSQL and PostGIS databases for any scale of project. 2ndQuadrant also provides complete 24x7 support for PostgreSQL, including a tight Service Level Agreement and PostgreSQL bug fixes. Clients can expect much more than simply low cost passive support. We at 2ndQuadrant are capable of providing clients with a range of additional services.
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Employees 50-100
Office locations England, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, USA
Hours 24 x7 worldwide
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, German
Customer example 2ndQuadrant was instrumental in assisting the Met Office (the UK's national meteorological service) to choose PostgreSQL as their default database, over Oracle. PostgreSQL is now a key component of a five year plan for this technology superuser to remove proprietary software and embrace open source.
Experience Platinum Sponsors of PostgreSQL offering Support, Training & Services direct from database kernel developers, we bring more than 15 years of experience and expertise to companies of all sizes. Trusted by the organizations you trust, our mission is to continue to develop and contribute to the continuous development of open source PostgreSQL for the benefit of everyone.
Contact information Our main offices are located in England, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy and the USA.


Website http://www.4linux.com.br/
Description 4Linux is a leading Brazilian company providing solutions, training and services based on free and open source software. The 4Linux technical team is highly qualified and experienced in infrastructure and middleware architecture for mission-critical workloads. 4Linux has implemented open source solutions for the Federal Government Bank of Brazil (Caixa Economica Federal), which serves more than 50 million Brazilians. 4Linux also provides basic and advanced e-learning classes in Portuguese throughout the world. We can provide training, consulting and support for PostgreSQL.
Employees 80
Office locations Offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Brasilia, Brazil
Hours 24h
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Customer example Caixa Economica Federal, Datasus, Ministério da Educação, Locaweb, Embracon
Experience 10 years of free software support and 5 years of PostgreSQL support
Contact information +55-11-21254747 contato@4linux.com.br


Website https://aiven.io/
Description Aiven Postgres is a next-generation managed cloud database service. Aiven Postgres is available in multiple clouds across multiple regions, including all Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud regions as well as various regional clouds. Our focus is ease of adoption, high fault resilience, customer's peace of mind and advanced features. The service is fully automated allowing databases to be created with a few clicks and later seamlessly upgraded from small single-node setups to larger highly-available clusters with no downtime. We also support no-downtime migrations between different cloud providers. Aiven can be used through our web console, command-line client and open REST API.
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Office locations Helsinki, Finland - the service is available globally
Contact information postgres@aiven.io

Amazon Web Services

Website https://aws.amazon.com/rds/postgresql/
Description Amazon RDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud. With Amazon RDS, you can deploy scalable PostgreSQL deployments in minutes with cost-efficient and resizable hardware capacity. Amazon RDS manages complex and time-consuming administrative tasks such as PostgreSQL software installation and upgrades; storage management; replication for high availability and read throughput; and backups for disaster recovery.
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Hours 24 X 7 X 365
Customer example Biologists around the world use DNA sequencers created by California-based Illumina for a broad range of genomics applications including whole-genome sequencing. The company built its BaseSpace tool on AWS to allow researchers to upload massive data sets directly to the cloud for analysis and storage of the results. They leveraged Amazon RDS PostgreSQL for their BaseSpace application. Greg Roberts, Development Lead for the BaseSpaces product, "Using BaseSpace, biologists and informaticians can easily and securely analyze, archive and share sequencing data. We were able to leverage RDS for PostgreSQL since first day of launch for our BaseSpace project. We scaled our instances seamlessly as our project grew. Automated backups and automated failovers with Multi-AZ provided us the high availability and protection against data loss that our customers expect."
Experience With just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can deploy a PostgreSQL database with automatically configured database parameters for optimal performance. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database instances can be provisioned with either standard storage or Provisioned IOPS storage. Once provisioned, you can scale from 5GB to 6TB of storage and from 1,000 IOPS to 30,000 IOPS. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL also enables you to scale out beyond the capacity of a single database deployment for read-heavy database workloads. Over the past few years, PostgreSQL has become the preferred open source relational database for many enterprise developers and start-ups, powering leading geospatial and mobile applications. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL gives you access to the capabilities of a familiar PostgreSQL database engine. This means that the code, applications, and tools you already use today with your existing databases can be used with Amazon RDS.

Ambiente Livre Tecnologia

Website http://www.ambientelivre.com.br/
Description Ambiente Livre Technology is a Brazilian company established in 2004 to provide services, consulting and training specifically in Free Software and Emerging Technologies. Our expertise in developing business solutions based on free software. Integrated commercial software solutions with the best solutions that the open-source world can provide. PostgreSQL is our preferred database.
Employees 10
Office locations Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Customer example Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Serpro, Ministério do Planejamento, Embrapa, GVT.
Experience Expertize em: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Pentaho , Alfresco, Liferay, Hadoop, dotProjet , Limesurvey ans Joomla.
Contact information +55 41 3308-3438 |comercial@ambientelivre.com.br

A & W asociados, C.A.

Website http://www.awasociados.com
Description A&W asociados, C.A. Es una empresa con profesionales de mucha experiencia en el area de sistemas, tecnología e informática, que le asegurara su inversion tecnologica en soluciones eficientes y de alta rentabilidad.
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Employees 5
Office locations Caracas - venezuela
Hours 8
Languages Spanish - Español - English
Customer example esteticasaludybelleza.com miesteticacorporal.com mundo-compras.com south-american-shopping.com privenca.com cemar.com.ve hootersvenezuela.com automatikve.com globalperformance.com.ve logistika.com.ve automotrizaldia.com progressive.com.ve confexdecorating.com.ve asegurotucarro.com store-on.com tudato.com americanmotionproducts.com haciendaaguamiel.com coleccionastrolunar.com
Experience 7 years
Contact information Wolgfang Chacon +58 414 140 40 65 +58 212 834 53 73 wchacon@awasociados.com

Blackhole S.A.

Website http://www.blackhole.cl
Description Empresa dedicada a proveer soluciones y servicios en tecnologías de la información. Con basta experiencia en diseño, integración y desarrollo de aplicaciones empresariales, de misión critica, basadas en PostgreSQL y orientadas a la web.
Employees 7
Office locations Chillán, Chile
Hours 09:30 - 19:00 (GMT -4)
Languages Español, English
Experience Desde el 2007
Contact information www.blackhole.cl - +56 42 452902 - contacto@blackhole.cl V. Kennedy, Iquique 445 in Chillán - Chile

Bufete Consultor de Mexico - Piensa Technologies

Website http://www.piensa.com/
Description Piensa Technologies is a Mexican IT consulting firm, established in 1994 and since then providing the following PostgreSQL related products and services: Design, construction, deployment and management of PG database infrastructure. PostgreSQL database high availability clusters. Tech support by event, on demand, and by contract. Training and Certification. Local and remote management of your PostgreSQL databases and servers. Hosting and co-location of PostgreSQL database servers. Customized services according to your special requirements.
Employees 40
Office locations Mexico City (corporate office), sales and support offices across Mexico and LatinAmerica
Hours 9:00 - 17:00 office hours, Tech support 24 x 7 on demand and by contract
Languages Spanish, English, French, Portuguese
Customer example Largest mining conglomerate in Mexico: Peñoles www.penoles.com.mx Logistics, warehousing and distribution centers http://www.cpamericas.com/sitecpa/site/spaces.php?&lang=es Gaceta de Linux: e-magazines and online media www.gacetadelinux.com Human Nutrition and food engineering Co: Nutrimente www.nutrimente.com
Experience 30+ years of IT consulting and field practice. Highly experiences on PostgreSQL and Open Source technologies. Involved in multi-industry environments, all mission critical, high volume operations.
Contact information Felipe Barousse info@piensa.com +52 (55) 5247-0272

Command Prompt, Inc

Website http://www.commandprompt.com
Description For 20 years we have specialized in producing production quality deployments for PostgreSQL and Linux. We have extensive experience in most infrastructure deployment options including: 24x7x365 Support, Remote DBA/Sysadmin, AWS-RDS/GCE/Softlayer/Bare Metal, Private Cloud, Traditional deployments, Oracle/DB2/MSSQL conversion, High Availability and Performance Consulting.
Employees 10
Office locations U.S.A, Europe
Hours 24/7
Languages English, Russian, Spanish
Customer example Blackboard, King County Library Systems, Dealerbuilt, Social Flow, KLS Diversified, Flaschode Medical Systems, House Industries, White Hat Security
Experience Since 1997 we have been delivering PostgreSQL and Linux professional services. We do so by having an honest conversation with our customers, building relationships and delivering productive results based on the client's business and data requirements.
Contact information https://www.commandprompt.com/contact

Datacenter Systems

Website http://www.datacentersystems.org/
Description Los años nos avalan como fabricantes de soluciones para el sector de Software, así como clientes de todo tipo con diferentes casos. Nos dedicamos a desarrollos de softwares orientados a: • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) • Financial Management Information Solutions (FMIS) • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Point of Sales (POS) • Supply Chain Management (SCM) • Human Resources Management (HRM) • Manufacturing and Producction Planning (MPP) • Industrial Machinery & Components (IM&C) • Quality Control (QC) • Business Intelligence (BI) • Professional Services Automation (PSA) • Software Development and Integration (SDI) • Construction, Property Management and Engineering Solutions (CPE) • Information & Tecnology Management (ITM)
Employees 12
Office locations Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil
Hours 8:00 - 19:00 GMT - 4
Languages Spanish, Portuguese, Guaraní - (For e-mail, call, and remote)
Customer example Petrobras, Shopping China = www.shoppingchina.com.py, ANSA = http://www.americaneumaticos.com/
Experience 12 years of software support, more than 10 years of experience in the database field and 6 years of PostgreSQL support. Gran experiencia en Desarrollo e integración de aplicativos desarrollados en C# y VB.NET con Postgresql. Datacenter Systems ofrece las soluciones en software empresarial y comercial robustas y de mayor flexibilidad.
Contact information www.datacentersystems.org/ or (595)+(985)880204 datacenter@datacentersystems.org


Website http://www.dbas.me/
Description Dbas is a software solutions company specialized in open source. The company offers PostgreSQL commercial support, training, consulting and application development..
Employees 4
Office locations Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hours 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT -3)
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example Educ.ar (www.conectate.gob.ar). High Availability cluster, horizontal partitioning, Postgis. Posterita (www.posterita.com) . Database tuning, horizontal partitioning, Architecture redesign. Metrogas (http://www.metrogas.com.ar) Implementation of a PostgreSQL based workflow solution. Credicoop Bank ( www.credicoop.coop) , Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (buenosaires.gob.ar), AFIP (www.afip.gov.ar)
Experience Working since 1998 with PostgreSQL in all database and software development related tasks on small to large enterprises in diverse industries and government agencies. Services: Remote Dba / Unix Admin / backend development.
Contact information info@dbas.me (+54) 911 6959 9620

Dextra Sistemas

Website http://www.dextra.com.br
Description Dextra Sistemas is a brazilian company, located in Campinas - SP. We are an independent open-source technology development, training and consulting firm. We offer an one-stop-shop for PostgreSQL and Java/J2EE services, including consulting, training, development and support for corporate deployments of this database.
Employees 40
Office locations Campinas, SP, Brazil
Hours 8x5
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Customer example SERPRO, Metrô de São Paulo, CPqD, .comDominio, Atrium Telecom, CenPRA, INPE and others.
Experience We consult, recommend, develop and train on PostgreSQL since 1999. Our experience with Linux and open source technology started in 1995.
Contact information http://www.dextra.com.br/ or phone 19 3256-6722

E&M Consulting Limitada

Website http://www.eymconsulting.cl/
Description E&M Consulting, nace como una Empresa dedicada a proveer soluciones y servicios en tecnologías de la información basados en el motor de base de datos PostgreSQL. Brindamos Asesorías, Consultorías, Soporte y Servicios en PostgreSQL. E&M Consulting, born as a company dedicated to providing solutions and services in information technology based PostgreSQL database engine. We provide Consulting , Support and Services in PostgreSQL.
Employees 8
Office locations Santiago y Viña del Mar - Chile
Hours 9:00 - 19:00 horario de oficina, Soporte técnico 24 x 7 en demanda y por contrato.
Languages Español, Ingles
Contact information www.eymconsulting.cl - +56 32 3205459 - contacto@eymconsulting.cl mario.soto@eymconsulting.cl

Engine Yard, Inc.

Website http://www.engineyard.com/
Description Engine Yard is the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS), empowering cloud application development more rapidly, easily and cost effectively. With deep technical expertise, powerful infrastructure orchestration, strong support of the open source community, and world-class service, Engine Yard provides a complete commercial grade solution that enables developers to focus on creating great applications, instead of managing their platform. Thousands of customers in 58 countries, from explosive-growth Web startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, rely on Engine Yard to leverage the cloud for competitive advantage. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Engine Yard is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates and Amazon.com.
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Employees 125
Office locations San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Dublin, Ireland; Tokyo, Japan; Buffalo, NY
Hours 24x7 via Live Chat; visit engineyard.com and click on Live Chat
Languages English, Japanese
Customer example With each monthly edition of Facebook Stories, we can handle huge traffic bursts of 10s of millions of pageviews - and to get more resources, we just click a button." – Phil Jeffs, Creative Director, Area17 For more examples visit: http://www.engineyard.com/company/customers
Experience Engine Yard has over 6 years of experience offering Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Node.js hosting and support. Engine Yard is the leading Platform as a Service provider with thousands of customers in over 58 countries worldwide. The Engine Yard support team offers · Expertise gained supporting thousands of development teams · Guaranteed response - as little as 30 minutes for urgent issues · Real-time, 24x7 access to support · Deep experience in Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js and Database Administration · Global coverage in your time zone · Proactive response and “on behalf” system administration
Contact information sales@engineyard.com 866-518-9273 Live Chat – visit engineyard.com and click on Live Chat

EnterpriseDB Corporation

Website http://www.enterprisedb.com/
Description EDB is the world's leading provider of PostgreSQL support, professional services and training. Support is provided 24x7x365 on a global basis. We are also specialists in design, architecture, implementation and management of PostgreSQL infrastructure with database optimization and performance tuning a specialty. We also deliver Remote DBA services to provide day to day management of PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB databases. Training classes for DBAs and Developers is available On-site, On Demand and Online. Enterprise grade tools include Postgres Enterprise Manager, xDB Replication Server (single and multi-master), and EDB Failover Manager.
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Employees 100-200
Office locations Bedford Massachusetts USA; Oxford, England; Islamabad, Pakistan; Pune, India; The Hague, Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea
Hours 24x7 worldwide
Languages English
Customer example "We chose EnterpriseDB to work with us on PostgreSQL support, because we've been continually impressed by their PostgreSQL expertise, customer focus and support capabilities." -- Vice President for System Software, Sun Microsystems Telco - Entertainment/Gaming - Retail - Finance - Government - Internet - Manufacturing
Experience EnterpriseDB employs the most core PostgreSQL team members and developers of any company, including Bruce Momjian, Dave Page, Devrim Gunduz, Kevin Grittner, Noah Misch, Robert M Haas, Thom Brown and Korry Douglas. Many of PostgreSQL's key feature enhancements including Heap Only Tuples, pgUprade, Full Text Search, Index-Only scans, linear read scalability to 64 cores, MySQL FDW, and Materialized Views are contributions of these staff members with EDB's support.
Contact information Technical Support: support@enterprisedb.com +1-732-331-1320 1-800-235-5891 (US Only) Sales Inquiries: sales-us@enterprisedb.com (US) sales-intl@enterprisedb.com (Intl) +1-781-357-3390 +1-732-331-1315 +1-877-377-4352 General Inquiries (North America): sales@enterprisedb.com +1-732-331-1300 General Inquiries (APAC): +81-50-5532-7038 info.asiapacific@enterprisedb.com General Inquiries (EMEA): +31 70 361 1774 info.emea@enterprisedb.com Media Inquiries: press@enterprisedb.com +1 781-357-3390

EQ Soft Consultoría y Soporte EIRL

Website http://www.eqsoft.net/
Description Eq Soft is a specialized company in software development, support & consultancy. Our experience using PostgreSQ, since 2001, allow us offer you a wide range of different services in this powerful DBMS, we have an exceptional expert team with a high knowledge using, developing and deploying PostgreSQL solutions. ------------ EqSoft es una compañía especializada en desarrollo de software, soporte y consultoría. Nuestra experiencia usando PostgreSQL, desde el año 2001, nos permite ofrecer un amplio rango de servicios en esta poderosa base de datos, nosotros contamos con un excepcional equipo con altos conocimientos usando, desarrollando y desplegando soluciones con PostgreSQL.
Employees < 10
Office locations Lima - Perú
Hours Office Time: 9am to 6pm (GMT -5)
Languages Español - English
Customer example Our biggest database is for two different financial institutions with more than 25k clients and thousand of transactions per week. The most complex database was for a project to protect local animal species and another for fishers that change his way of life to another profession, both with more than 350 tables. Our most complex services were for a geolocalization enterprise, they process thousands of transactions per minute and our consultancy was improve the time of the processes and optimization of their infrastructure (server & software) to support processing thousands of transactions per second.
Experience since 1996 developing software. since 2001 using PostgreSQL in our projects since 2003 organizing groups of users in free technologies since 2008 active participation disseminating and doing technical training in PostgreSQL To read more about our dbms services please visit http://www.eqsoft.net/cms2/node/54
Contact information Ernesto Quiñones A. - Chief Operating Officer ernesto@eqsoft.net

Gasoft SAC

Website http://www.gasoftperu.com/
Description Curso de Postgre sql Somos una empresa que provee soluciones informáticas. Ofrecemos capacitación en el uso del motor de base de datos PostgreSQL y el lenguaje Visual FoxPro. Ventajas del PostgreSQL : - Licencia de tipo libre. Sin costo. - Los aplicativos pueden conectarse a su servidor (Windows o Linux) desde cualquier lugar por medio de Internet sin necesidad de algún software intermedio ni costos de licencias. - La base de datos puede puede ser leída por cualquier software sin importar su lenguaje de programación o motor de base de datos. - PostgreSQL tiene una amplia base de soporte formada por miles de programadores y administradores de bases de datos en todo el mundo. El curso incluye material didáctico y un certificado a nombre de la empresa. El curso puede ser dictado en nuestro laboratorio o en su empresa, en cualquier ciudad de Perú o fuera del país. Puede contactarnos para ofrecerle la mejor solución a los teléfonos 01-4850153 - 998436047 Lima - Perú
Employees 5
Office locations Lima, Perú
Hours 24/7
Languages English, Spanish
Customer example Nagasco, Tramarsa, Alicorp
Experience Since 1999
Contact information Phone: (51 1) 4850153 / (51) 998436047 / (51) 997017670 guillermo.arias@gasoftperu.com


Website http://www.geits.co/
Description Brindamos soluciones informáticas a la medida de procesos corporativos. Fomentamos el uso de herramientas de software libre y de esta manera contamos con libertad para vender soluciones de alto rendimiento y calidad sin reparar en la disposición de licencias de software costosas. Mediante la integración de tecnologías de la información, teniendo como base PostgreSQL como sistema manejador de base de datos, brindamos apoyo para el diseño, construcción e implementación de sistemas orientados al manejo de procesos de negocio manteniendo armonia con un componente adecuado para alojar y analizar datos geográficos.
Employees 2
Office locations Colombia
Hours 8:00 AM - 12:00 M, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, GMT -5
Languages English, Spanish
Customer example Instituto Nacional de Vías, Secretaría Distrital de Movilidad, Instituto de Hidrología, Meteorología y Estudios Ambientales. Ingicat SAS.
Experience Desarrollo de sistemas informáticos con componente geográfico y análisis espacial.
Contact information info@geits.co +57 1 390 35 35 Carrera 68D #96 - 59. Bogotá D.C.

Hopla! Software

Website http://www.hoplasoftware.com/
Description Hopla Software is the leader company in PostgreSQL support in Spanish, with presence in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Hopla software is also the exclusive distributor for EnterpriseDB products for South EMEA and LATAM Because of our track of success, technical knowledge and reputation in the market, we’ve been selected by EnterpriseDB, the company leader in development and support of PostgreSQL worldwide, for providing the first support levels (L1 and L2) of their product in Spanish. Our professionals have a long experience in open source technologies applied to the enterprise market and they’re ready to help to our customers in choosing and implementing the right technology, and getting the right skills to get the most out of the new systems and giving the right answer to the business challenges that rise every day.
Employees 10-50
Office locations Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Italy
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example BBVA, Santander, Telefonica, Vodafone, Indra
Contact information info@hoplasoftware.com

Ideasoft Uruguay SRL

Website http://www.ideasoft.biz
Description IdeaSoft's mission is to offer its customers innovative solutions to optimize the management of their business, through the application of high technology in strategic processes of the organization. Our vision is to achieve the combination of three key factors: technological research, the understanding of the needs of business and human enhancement, to be able to offer our customers the ability to transform challenges into opportunities for real improvement in their management.
Employees 25
Office locations Montevideo Uruguay
Hours 9:00-18:00 (-3 GMT); Optional 7*24
Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese
Customer example I.M.M. (Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo) - Training. AGESIC Uruguay (Uruguayan eGovernment Agency)- JEE Middleware Services.
Experience Ideasoft is specialized and regional reference in SOA, open source and JavaEE platform and products, basing this recognition in a systematic and consistent application and transfer of high technology, with one of the few regional R & D Laboratories. As a consequence of our strategy to implement and promote open source technology, we have developed extensive experience with PostgreSQL, resulting from its use in many projects over the past 6 years. The services provided by Ideasoft on PostgreSQL include support, training, software development and technical consulting.
Contact information Echevarriarza 3358 CP 11300 - Montevideo Phone: (+598 2) 628 0251 Fax: (+598 2) 628 6414 www.ideasoft.biz info@idasoft.biz

Inerza S.A.

Website http://www.inerza.com/
Description INERZA is a consulting organization specializing in the implementation of IT solutions, software development and outsourcing services (business processes, infrastructure, etc.) The company has consolidated itself as a leading company in the field of information technology. Our success is based on the relationship of trust with our customers. INERZA overall objective is to use technology as a driving element to help public and private organizations grow in the Information Society, and ultimately to improve the quality and efficiency of its services.
Employees 65
Office locations Canary Islands (Spain) & Lima (Peru)
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example We have deployed PostgreSQL as well as other related technologies as part of software solutions for several clients, including both public and private organizations such as Cabildo de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria island governemet), Gobierno de Canarias (Canary Islands regional government), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Hall, SAGULPA, Astilleros Canarios, SAGEP Las Palmas, etc.
Experience INERZA employs several technicians with relevant experience in development and administration of PostgreSQL, both as standalone installations as well as large clusterized (master-slave synchronization) type of installations.
Contact information INERZA S.A. Av de los Consignatarios s/n 35008 Las Palmas, Spain Phone: +34 928 300 505 Email: info@inerza.com

InfraCoop - Cooperativa de Infraestructura y Bases de Datos

Website http://www.infracoop.com.ar/
Description Administración, configuración y mantenimiento de bases de datos. Migraciones y upgrades. Amplia experiencia en entornos grandes, soluciones de replicación y particionado. Performance tuning, soporte a desarrollo.
Employees 6
Office locations Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hours 9:00 AM - 18:00 PM, GMT -3
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example http://www.datafactory.la http://www.riesgonet.com http://www.colfarlp.org.ar
Experience Profesionales con amplia trayectoria, abocados a brindar excelencia en servicios.
Contact information info@infracoop.com.ar


Website http://www.ipsoft-sa.com
Description IPSOFT S.A. es una compañia dedicada al desarrollo y comercializacion de software para Hospitales y Clinicas. Nuestro software SIIS - Sistema Integral de informacion en Salud es una poderosa herramienta que cuenta con mas de 25 modulos integrados y trabajando en linea, cuyo eje central es la Historia Clinica Electronica, esta desarrollado en PHP y Java y corre sobre linux y PostgreSQL. En la actualidad tenemos casi 10 clientes trabajando con la aplicacion, todos con PostgreSQL como base de datos, con excelentes resultados en rendimiento y confiabilidad. Los mas grandes son Clinicas de mas de 100 camas y unos 120 y 150 usuarios trabajando concurrentemente sobre la base de datos y atendiendo en linea con la Historia Clinica a pacientes de Consulta externa, urgencias, hospitalizacion, cirugia y apoyos diagnosticos.
Employees 20
Office locations Cali
Hours 8 diarias, 48 a la semana
Languages Español e Ingles
Customer example Clinica de Occidente De Cali (572) 6603000 Cali - Colombia Servicio Occidental de Salud - Cali (572) 6848686 Clinica San Francisco de Tulua (572) 2262222 Angiografia de Occidente - Cali (572) 6601299 DitOccidente - Cali (572) 6678702 Clinica Alvernia de Tulua (572) 2262424 Hospital San Jose de Buga (572) 2275811
Experience La empresa fue creada en el año 2,002 y tomamos dos años para desarrollar la primera version de SIIS, a partir de ese momento estamos implementando SIIS en nuestros clientes que estan creciendo cada dia, por supuesto nuevas versiones de SIIS se producen continuamente. Antes de esto tenemos experiencia desde el año 1,992 en desarrollo y venta de software y especificamente para Hospitales y Clinicas desde 1,995 con el producto IHOSPITAL que estaba desarrollado en INFORMIX y es el predecesor de SIIS.
Contact information Ing. Gustavo Adolfo Rojas Fajardo Gerente Ing. Alexander Giraldo Salas Director de DEsarrollo www.ipsoft-sa.com Tel. (572)6603000 Ext. 132 Cel. (57)3113341590 Calle 18Norte No. 5-34 Cali - Colombia

Kudos Ltda

Website http://www.gkudos.com
Description Empresa de Desarrollo de Software con amplia experiencia en sistemas de información, con énfasis en Sistemas de Información Geográfica para plataformas Web y Desktop. Brindamos desarrollo, soporte, capacitación y asesoría tanto soluciones basadas en software libre (open Source) y software comercial
Employees 7
Office locations Bogotá, Colombia
Hours 8:00 AM - 12:00 M, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, GMT -5
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example * Instituto de Investigación de recursos Biológicos Alexander Von Humboldt * Instituto Amazónico de investigaciones científicas - SINCHI * ANH - Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos * Delegación de la comunidad Europea para Colombia y Ecuador. * Instituto Geográfico Agustin Codazzi * Alcaldía de Montería * Secretaría de Tránsito de Ibagué * Asocars * Instituto Colombiano de Geología y Minería (Ingeominas)
Experience Sus integrantes tiene experiencia certificada de mas de 10 años en el desarrollo de sistemas de información.
Contact information info@gkudos.com +57+1+2101660 Calle 53 A bis # 22-16 Oficina 402 Galerias


Website http://www.logos.com.uy
Description Logos es una empresa de servicios, especializada en el área de bases de datos, aunque ofrece administración, soporte, consultoría y desarrollo sobre los principales motores del mercado, incluyendo PostgreSQL.
Employees 10
Office locations Montevideo, Uruguay
Hours Soporte en horarios de oficina (9:00 - 17:00) y 24x7
Languages Español, Inglés
Customer example Etriek, Agesic
Experience Contamos con consultores con más de 10 años de experiencia en administración, soporte y desarrollo sobre los principales motores relacionales, incluyendo PostgreSQL.
Contact information Para consultas, escríbanos a info@logos.com.uy

Mondrian Tecnologia

Website http://www.mondriantecnologia.com
Description Especializada em consultoria, migração e treinamento em PostgreSQL
Employees 5
Office locations Brasil
Hours 24
Languages Português do Brasil
Customer example Detran-CE - www.detran.ce.gov.br CAGECE - www.cagece.ce.gov.br FabricaInfo - www.fabricainfo.com Trana - www.trana.com.br Fotosensores - www.fotosensores.com.br ANOREG - www.anoregce.org.br
Experience Migração de Oracle para PostgreSQL no Detran-CE Migração de SQLServer na Fotosensores Solução de Alta Disponibilidade na Trana Treinamento em PostgreSQL na CAGECE
Contact information Rua Pinto Madeira, 535, Salas 36 e 37, Centro, Fortaleza -CE Fones: (85) 3231-2802/9662-7069/9662-7067 Email: treinamento@mondriantecnologia.com suporte@mondriantecnologia.com

Nuvem Hospedagem

Website http://www.nuvemhospedagem.com.br/
Description A Nuvem Hospedagem oferece hospedagem de sites, revenda de hospedagem, registro de domínios e certificados SSL. Todos os planos contam com banco de dados PostgreSQL ilimitado. Confira nosso site: www.nuvemhospedagem.com.br
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Employees 10
Office locations Brasil
Hours 24 horas por dia
Languages English - Português do Brasil
Customer example www.gpguia.net www.guiadomarceneiro.com
Contact information suporte@nuvemhospedagem.com.br / (33) 3022.3110


Website http://www.openit.com.bo
Description OpenIT se estableció como empresa para ofrecer a las empresas de Bolivia una gran variedad de soluciones y servicios globales asociados a las Tecnologías de la Información e Integración de Sistemas. OpenIT es pionera en el uso de tecnología GNU/Linux y está especializada en sistemas Open Source o Software Libre, tomando en cuenta en todos nuestros proyectos a la base de datos a PostgreSQL como la mas avanzada en su medio.
Employees 8
Office locations Edificio El Condor piso 7 of 706
Hours 8x5
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example Experiencia en procesos financieros dentro de la ASOFIN e industriales.
Experience Estamos mas de 2 años dando soporte y promoviendo dentro del sector privado y publico el adopción de Open Source y Software Libre.
Contact information Esteban Enrique Lima Torricos


Website http://www.pgopen.com.br
Description A PGopen é uma empresa de suporte crítico em tecnologia da informação, com especialização em Postgresql. Atendemos empresas de toda América Latina com necessidades críticas, como Bancos, Financeiras, Logística, onde os sistemas precisam funcionar sem interrupções. (The PGopen is a business critical support in information technology, specializing in Postgresql. We serve companies throughout Latin America with critical needs, such as Banks, Financial, Logistics, where the systems need to operate without interruptions)
Employees 80
Office locations São Paulo - Brazil
Languages English, Spanish and Portuguese
Customer example Banco Bradesco, Unibanco, Address, Rávi Propaganda, etc.
Experience 10 anos em suporte crítico
Contact information comercial@pgopen.com.br 55 11 2864-0082 55 11 3835-2438


Website https://rozvodb.com
Description RozvoDB es una empresa dedicada al soporte empresarial de PostgreSQL. Nace como una marca derivada de Rozvo Ware Solutions con el fin de proveer soporte y servicios especializados en PostgreSQL. Lo que se pretende realizar con RozvoDB es ofrecer servicios totalmente en español que permitan a nuestros clientes confiar plenamente en PostgreSQL y la seguridad de sus datos que este provee. De la misma forma RozvoDB implementa y desarrolla herramientas que facilitan y potencializan el uso de PostgreSQL. Servicios personalizados y 100% en español.
Employees 1-20
Office locations México y Latinoamérica
Hours 24x7 México y Latinoamérica
Languages Español
Customer example Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional de México, Secretaria de Marina de México, Instituto de la Función Registral del Estado de México, Farmacias MIA Ecuador, Nielsen IBOPE México.
Experience RozvoDB tiene mas de 7 años de experiencia en el uso y despliegue de bases de datos PostgreSQL. Contamos con ingenieros altamente especializados en el uso y despliegue de PostgreSQL y bastas herramientas que lo acompañan.
Contact information contacto@rozvodb.com, info@rozvo.com, Tel. +52 (722) 5429085, +52 (557) 027 6818.

Rozvo Ware Solutions

Website http://www.rozvo.com/
Description Rozvo Ware Solutions es una empresa dedicada al servicio de consultoría, formación y desarrollo de software en la base de datos PostgreSQL. Nuestros servicios de consultoría se basan en el soporte, mantenimiento e implementación de soluciones que permiten a una empresa. servicios enfocados siempre de alta calidad Rozvo Ware Solutions, constantemente generando esquemas que permiten a los clientes se sientan satisfechos con el servicio a costos justos y asequibles. Nuestros ingenieros de servicio tienen los conocimientos teóricos y prácticos que garantiza excelentes resultados en sus implementaciones de PostgreSQL.
Employees 10-15
Office locations México y Centro América
Hours 9:00 - 18:30 horario de oficina, servicio de soporte 24x7x365
Languages Español, Inglés
Customer example Instituto de la Función Registral, SISDEF, Efectivale
Experience Rozvo Ware Solutions es una empresa con un equipo de trabajo con más de 5 años de experiencia altamente capacitado para implementaciones en PostgreSQL, implementaciones de misión crítica así como grandes cantidades de datos.
Contact information Armando Betancourt y Alfredo Rodríguez, info@rozvo.com +52 (722) 5429085, +52 (557) 027 6818


Website http://www.seaq.com.co
Description SEAQ SERVICIOS CIA LTDA offers support and implementation services for linux and windows plataforms. We offer training, installation, support, migration to postgresql, apache, and linux. We attend Colombia and Latinamerica market. More information at our website http://www.seaq.com.co
Employees 15
Office locations Bogota, Colombia
Hours 24x7
Languages Spanish, English
Experience More than 6 years of experience in deploying, implementing and interconnecting systems across different sized bussiness. We give support for PostreSQL, PHP, Apache, CIFS, Samba, CVS, etc.
Contact information ventas@seaq.com.co http://www.seaq.com.co

Sistemas Agiles

Website http://www.sistemasagiles.com.ar
Description Somos un grupo interdiciplinario de profesionales independientes con un modelo de trabajo abierto, enfocados en las áreas de: * Desarrollo e Implementación de software * Capacitación Python/PostgreSQL/Linux * Consultoria y Auditoria * Migraciones desde DOS/Windows, VB/VFP, xBase/Access, etc. * Administración (SysAdmin y DBA) * Hosting para Aplicaciones Avanzadas * Soporte Técnico
Provides Provides both support and hosting.
Office locations Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hours 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT -3), 24x7 remoto
Languages Spanish, English
Customer example Magic Software Argentina, Policia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, VS Tour, PuntoGob (MSA/Municipalidad de Rafaela), Coniglio, entre otros
Experience Mas de 10 años de experiencia trabajando con software libre y PostgreSQL en particular, incluyendo: Soluciones de replicación sincrónica y asincrónica (PyReplica); Sistemas críticos (Procesos electorales, Gestión de Eventos 911); Sistemas de Gestión Administrativo-Contable para PYMEs; Servidores remotos para alta disponibilidad; Capacitación y Consultoría en PostgreSQL, Python y Linux
Contact information Mariano Reingart pg@sistemasagiles.com.ar +54 (11) 4450-0716 +54 (11) 15-3048-9211


Website http://www.sofis-solutions.com/web/guest/postgresql
Description Sofis Solutions es una compañia especializada en transformación digital para el sector público a través de herramientas y soluciones open source, servicios de desarrollo, capacitación y consultoría. Cuenta con más de 10 años de experiencia en el sector con proyectos en más de 10 países. Ofrece servicios de instalación, configuración, administración, soporte, capacitación y migración de bases de datos PostgreSQL. http://www.sofis-solutions.com/web/guest/postgresql
Employees 50
Office locations Uruguay, Centroamérica
Hours 24x7
Languages Español, Inglés
Customer example Agencias de gobierno
Experience Desarrollo de software a medida Administración de bases de datos Migración a la nube Administración de plataformas
Contact information info@sofis.com.uy - Montevideo info@sofis.sv - Centroamérica - El Salvador

Syswarp S.R.L.

Website http://www.syswarp.com.ar
Description SYSWARP es una empresa constituida por desarrolladores J2EE con orientacion a la utilizacion de plataformas de open source
Employees 10
Office locations Capital Federal, Argentina
Hours 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT -3)
Languages Spanish,Portuguese
Customer example Bacoclub club privado de vinos. Migracion de sistemas basados en plataformas windows y sql server 2000 a tecnologia J2EE + Postgres. Desarrollos de plataformas java web, Jboss.
Experience Somos una empresa con experiencia en implementaciones de gestion administrativo contable para Pymes. Nuestro objetivo es promover soluciones integrales de informaticas de bajo costo basadas en aplicaciones open source y desarrollos multiplataformas.
Contact information carlos.perez@syswarp.com.ar

Tecnisys Tecnologias Inovadoras

Website http://www.tecnisys.com.br
Description Tecnisys offers specialized consulting services on management and administration of PostgreSQL Database environment. Provides support with 24x7 availability for solutions of problems on critic mission environments, that requires high performance, acting with highly qualified and certified staff, with expertise to offer the best market solution to improve your Database performance.
Employees 100-200
Office locations Brasília Head Office - (61) 3039-9700 / 0800-6020097 / FAX: 3039-9701 | SIA Trecho 06, lotes 05/15, bloco B – Brasília – DF
Hours 24x7
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Customer example The Tecnisys provides services of specialized support to the database which integrate the infrastructure of PJe of Labor Justice in all national territory, among others systems and applications for private companies which use PostgreSQL on critical environments, with experience that enables integrate solutions, as well as achieve clients goals in a secure mode.
Experience With expertise on critic mission environments that require high performance and high availability, implementation in open code solutions and offering basic to advanced training, consulting and support to PostgreSQL, built in over 15 years of market experience.
Contact information comercial@tecnisys.com.br


Website http://www.telematica.com.pe
Description TELEMATICA S.A. se fundó en 1986 con el objetivo de explorar nuevas tecnologías que aportaran al desarrollo del país, es así que desde su formación hasta el día de hoy sigue representando a las marcas mundiales líderes en tecnologías geoespaciales, es por ello que nuestro equipo está comprometido con los miles de usuarios de empresas privadas e instituciones públicas para ofrecer el soporte necesario en el logro de sus objetivos, ya sea a través de la venta, instalación, mantenimiento y/o capacitación de los mismos.
Employees 50
Office locations Lima
Hours 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Languages Español, English
Customer example Nuestros productos y servicios están aportando en diversas industrias, tales como Gobierno, Salud, Catastro, Minería, Medio Ambiente, Agua, Seguridad Pública entre otros.
Experience Empresa peruana con más de 30 años en el mercado, orientada en difundir y brindar servicios afines a los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (GIS), Teledetección e Imágenes Satelitales. Implementación de Geodatabases de Esri sobre PostgreSQL
Contact information soporte@telematica.com.pe


Website http://www.timbira.com.br/
Description Timbira is a consulting and service company that operates in several cities in Brazil. Timbira focuses on the implementation and support of PostgreSQL and related tools. Our services include support for up to 24 hours a day, strategic consulting, technical advice and qualified training. It has a talented team of employees and a portfolio of reputable customers.
Office locations Brazil
Languages Português, English
Contact information comercial@timbira.com.br

Todo PostgreSQL

Website https://todopostgresql.com/
Description Formación integral en PostgreSQL. Diferentes modalidades de cursos, formación para DBAs y Developers. Tutores 100% dedicados a PostgreSQL y al alumno.
Employees 8
Office locations España, Sevilla
Hours 08:00 - 18:00
Languages Spanish
Customer example Bancos, ayuntamientos, empresas del sector tecnológico logístico y de alimentación. Particulares de todos los niveles.
Experience 10 años trabajando como DBA PostgreSQL, 2 años impartiendo formación PostreSQL. Hemos satisfecho las necesidades de empresas, organizaciones públicas y particulares, tanto en España como en Latinoamérica.
Contact information info@todopostgresql.com

Unisys Corporation

Website http://www.unisys.com/
Description Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. It provides Open Source support services, consulting, systems integration, outsourcing and infrastructure services, combined with ppowerful enterprise server technology. Unisys specializes in helping clients use information to create efficient, secure business operations that allow them to achieve their business goals. Unisys consultants, and industry experts work with clients to understand their business challenges and create greater visibility into critical linkages throughout their operations. Unisys has deep focus on testing, optimization and maintenance of mission-critical, enterprise-class solutions leveraging Open Source, worldwide enterprise-class support for Open Source Software including PostgreSQL.
Office locations Unisys Way, Blue Bell, PA, 19424 USA (offices worldwide)
Hours 24/7
Languages English
Experience The Unisys Open Support Services helps PostgreSQL clients leverage the significant benefits of open source and open standards without compromising enteprise characteristics such as security, reliability, and performance.
Contact information 1 215 986 4011 (USA corporate office)