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AgensGraph (Graph DBMS for PostgreSQL)

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AgensGraph is a new generation multi-model graph database for PostgreSQL, providing both relational and graph data model.

Because of its PostgreSQL nature, you can easily migrate the legacy relational data into AgensGraph and benefit from utilizing both models simultaneously.

By adding the power of graph database to your PostgreSQL, AgensGraph provides you with the broader basis for the advanced data analysis including graph and association analysis, powered by AgensGraph’s web interface for data visualization and hybrid query (SQL and Cypher) support.

Cypher is one of the most popular graph query languages in the world, and it enables you to design data model without complex schema and easily modify applications built on that data model. You can use either SQL or Cypher or the combination of SQL and Cypher in a single query (hybrid query). By utilizing AgensGraph’s hybrid querying, you optimize query performance, simplify query statements, and handle highly and deeply connected data to access rich information for extracting mission-critical insights.

Given its PostgreSQL high compatibility, PostgreSQL users can enjoy all features of AgensGraph without difficulties, along with the same PostgreSQL GUI development environment and PostgreSQL Extensions support, enabling you to save money, reduce the time to market, and lead the industry.

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Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility

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Amazon Aurora is a PostgreSQL compatible relational database built for the cloud, that combines the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.

It delivers up to three times the throughput of standard PostgreSQL. Amazon Aurora is designed to be compatible with PostgreSQL, so that existing applications and tools can run without requiring modification. It is available through Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), freeing you from time-consuming administrative tasks such as provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, and repair.

Amazon Aurora is designed to offer greater than 99.99% availability, increasing PostgreSQL performance and availability by tightly integrating the database engine with an SSD-backed virtualized storage layer purpose-built for database workloads. Amazon Aurora's storage is fault-tolerant and self-healing, and disk failures are repaired in the background without loss of database availability. Amazon Aurora is designed to automatically detect database crashes and restart without the need for crash recovery or to rebuild the database cache. If the entire instance fails, Amazon Aurora will automatically fail over to one of up to 15 read replicas.

You can quickly launch an Amazon Aurora database instance with a few clicks in the RDS Management Console. Amazon Aurora scales storage automatically, growing storage and rebalancing I/Os to provide consistent performance without the need for over-provisioning. For example, you can start with a database of 10GB and have it automatically grow up to 64TB without requiring availability disruptions to resize or restripe data.

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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

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Amazon RDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud. With Amazon RDS, you can deploy scalable PostgreSQL deployments in minutes with cost-efficient and resizable hardware capacity. Amazon RDS manages complex and time-consuming administrative tasks such as PostgreSQL software installation and upgrades; storage management; replication for high availability and read throughput; and backups for disaster recovery.

With just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can deploy a PostgreSQL database with automatically configured database parameters for optimal performance. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database instances can be provisioned with either standard storage or Provisioned IOPS storage. Once provisioned, you can scale from 5GB to 3TB of storage and from 1,000 IOPS to 30,000 IOPS. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL also enables you to scale out beyond the capacity of a single database deployment for read-heavy database workloads. Over the past few years, PostgreSQL has become the preferred open source relational database for many enterprise developers and start-ups, powering leading geospatial and mobile applications. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL gives you access to the capabilities of a familiar PostgreSQL database engine. This means that the code, applications, and tools you already use today with your existing databases can be used with Amazon RDS.

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FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

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FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is an open-source based, high-performance, high-reliability, cost-effective relational database management system. It enables businesses to lower their database cost of ownership significantly by reducing license and ongoing support cost.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres leverages PostgreSQL, a feature-rich open source database management system, used by millions of users globally, enabling integration with a wide range of software bundles, information utilization systems, development tools, and application runtime environments. By further enhancing key features, Fujitsu delivers a flexible solution that achieves high reliability and asset protection that is aligned with your data management strategy.

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iServDB is a distributed SQL database based on PostgreSQL 9.3 with horizontal scalability.

iServDB 是一款基於 PostgreSQL 9.3 所開發之分散式資料庫。可水平擴充,並完整支援 SQL 語法。

iServDB provides ANSI SQL compliant interface and multi-tenant management. With integrating, migrating, querying(SELECT), editing(INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE), and combining(JOIN) ability to control heterogeneous data sources, such as NoSQL databases, RESTful API, open data...etc.

iServDB 提供 ANSI SQL標準介面與多租戶管理模式。可整合,遷移,查詢(SELECT),編輯(INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE),與連結(JOIN)各種異質資料,如NoSQL數據庫,基於REST的API,開放的數據...。

If you are interested in iServDB. Please contact with us:

如果您有興趣iServDB。請與我們聯繫: +886-2-66072119 (Dr. Ku 古博士) +886-2-66072191 (Dr. Wu-Lee 吳李博士) +886-2-66072508 (Joseph Lin)
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Mammoth PostgreSQL + Replication

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Mammoth PostgreSQL + Replication, is 100% pure PostgreSQL with integrated replication. Written in pure C, the Mammoth PostgreSQL + Replication is a powerful addition to the Command Prompt PostgreSQL line of products. It is designed specifically with reliability in mind and it works with the Open Source and Command Prompt versions of PostgreSQL. Mammoth PostgreSQL + Replication supports asynchronous replication and is designed to be WAN tolerant.

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Postgres Plus Advanced Server

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[HTML_REMOVED]Postgres Plus Advanced Server[HTML_REMOVED] is an enterprise ready database renowned for its transaction processing capabilities and exceptional performance across a spectrum of query intensive and mixed load applications.

Built upon PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database, Advanced Server v8.3 Release 2 offers deeper [HTML_REMOVED]Oracle[HTML_REMOVED] compatibility[HTML_REMOVED] to more applications than ever before, as well as performance and scalability features like Infinite Cache that are not available in the community version of PostgreSQL.

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VMware vFabric Postgres

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VMware vFabric Postgres is a VMware-optimized relational SQL database. vFabric Postgres is fully compatible with open source PostgreSQL, enabling customers to leverage existing standard PostgreSQL tools. vFabric Postgres comes in a virtual appliance and also as Linux RPM packages. It has virtualization optimizations such as elastic database memory to share database memory pools and smart configuration to reduce tuning time after resizing virtual machines. The changes to core PostgreSQL are also open sourced under PostgreSQL license and is available on the product download page.

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