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Use the agileBase platform to build custom apps quickly. Pull features together to create software that reflects your business world.

The open source database PostgreSQL is at the heart of the software stack, ensuring data is safe and secure and performance is scalable to very large numbers of simultaneous users.

On top of that, the interface allows business apps to be built in an agile way, that's - fast - flexible - usable - affordable

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arcapos point of sale

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Advanced point of sale system for ticketing and retail applications. Modular design, extensible using scripting language.

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Libros e informes contables.- Diario, Mayor, Balance de comprobación, balance CONASEV, definido por el usuario, Caja, Registro de Compras, Ventas, Balance General, Pérdidas y Ganancias.

Cuentas Corrientes.- De proveedores, clientes, comisionista, accionistas y otros definidos por el usuario, estados de cuentas de bancos.

Análisis de morosidad segmentados por periodos. Asientos automaticos.- El usuario tiene acceso libre para configurar asientos según su necesidad contable. no hay límite en la cantidad ni tipo.

Centro de costos de gestion empresarial.- Analiza rendimiento operativo por yacimientos, proyectos, por líneas de ventas, contratos, etc. reporte de gestion. controla las aplicaciones de fondos por obras, proyectos, contratos, sucursales, muy apropiado para ong o entidades que monitorean fondos destinados a actividades especificas.

Cierre de mes.- Elabora en forma automática asientos de diferencia de cambio y destino de la clase 6. Busqueda de datos.- Utiliza la técnica del drilldown para búsqueda se datos desde el balance de comprobación hacia el libro mayor y luego al asiento del libro diario.

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Bacula is a set of computer programs that permits the system administrator to manage backup, recovery, and verification of computer data across a network of computers of different kinds. Bacula can also run entirely upon a single computer and can backup to various types of media, including tape and disk.

In technical terms, it is a network Client/Server based backup program. Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, while offering many advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files. Due to its modular design, Bacula is scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of hundreds of computers located over a large network.

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BasicBooks is a complete general ledger bookkeeping system based on PostgreSQL. It is simple, straight forward, and easy to use. It is not necessary to know accounting and you do not need to be a trained bookkeeper to use BasicBooks. The program does all the, "debit and credit stuff" for you. All you need know is how to write checks and make deposits. Then, enter the checks and deposits in the BasicBooks windows. The program will do the proper postings for you automatically. Context sensitive help topics are available on-screen for all major functions.

BasicBooks is designed by professional accountants for business bookkeeping, but works for personal finance as well. Journals include Check and Deposit Journals for multiple bank accounts and a General Journal for adjusting entries. All database journal transactions can be dumped into a ".csv" file for extended analysis and use in spreadsheet programs and to create local report formats.

Create your own general ledger accounts as are appropriate to your business. You are not locked in to any fixed general ledger accounts. BasicBooks can be used with any decimal denominated currency. A wide range of search capabilities are provided for the entire database of transactions. Books can be kept on either a fiscal year or calendar year basis. Dates can be stored in either the US format (Month/Day/Year) or the European format (Day/Month/Year). Account history is maintained for the current year, prior year, and current budget. This allows comparative statements to be prepared comparing actual, current year results to prior year results or to budget amounts.

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Bricolage, an open-source enterprise-class content management system, greatly simplifies the complex tasks of creating, managing, and publishing the vast libraries of content essential to any organization. With advanced features such as fully-configurable workflows, customizable document types, multisite management capabilities, and comprehensive Perl- and PHP-based templating support, Bricolage has been designed from the ground-up to scale to meet the demanding needs of large organizations around the world. This flexibility and scalability led eWEEK to hail Bricolage as [HTML_REMOVED]quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application available.

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Es un ERP Administrativo Contable diseñado para Latino America para mercados Verticales como Medios de Comunicacion, Hoteles,Manufactura y Distribucion Postgresql es el Gestor de Base de Datos del ERP



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Data Architect is the emerging enterprise tool for designing databases at all levels of an organization, using the same concepts found in tools costing thousands of dollars!

Its a powerful database design tool, with advanced SQL Editor, and support for all major RDBMS, that can design complex systems.

  Online documentation is found here:

Download a free version at:

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DataArchitect Viewer

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Data Architect Viewer is a free viewer for DataArchitect models.

  Online documentation is found here:

Downloads can be done from:

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Database Documentation Tool, Data Dictionary Editor, Database Reverse Engineering tool, ER Diagram Creator & Metadata Repository for PostgreSQL, Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, User Defined and Cross-Database Relations, Custom Fields.

Export to PDF, Excel and interactive HTML. Document missing relations and unique keys, make relations between multiple databases even when they are using different DMBSes, provide table and column aliases, use rich text and images, group database objects into logical modules. Add custom fields to see what the source of data, whos responsible for it or is it under GDPR.

Document views, triggers, stored procedures, functions and get it all with their scripts for better understanding.

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Handy Backup

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Handy Backup is a powerful backup tool for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003. The program allows protecting local and remote files, HDD images, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MS Exchange, Oracle, DB2 and other data. Handy Backup is available in several editions suitable for different needs of home and corporate users.

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Honeybird ERP

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Honeybird ERP is an integrated financial accounting and ERP software for small and medium-sized (SMEs) businesses.

Honeybird ERP has been developed by Tanzanians from ground up for the african market. The software is suitable for countries operating VAT.

Honeybird ERP uses PostgreSQL as its database management system.

Key features: • Sales Processing • Purchase Processing • Cash Management • Bank Reconciliation • Inventory • General Ledger • Fixed Asset • HR & Payroll • Manufacturing • Financial Reporting • VAT Returns Preparation and e-filing • Multi-Currency • Multi-User • Multi-Company

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LabKey Server

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LabKey software professionals work in partnership with leading scientists to create powerful applications for managing biomedical research data. We build solutions tailored to your organization's needs by leveraging the LabKey Server open source platform, a secure, scalable, web-based foundation for collaborative research. Our client projects both benefit from and contribute to the open source community, building an ever-more capable platform available to all scientists.

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Both debt collection agencies and corporations need efficient and cost-effective tools to support the increasingly demanding process of collecting and managing past-due receivables. As the Internet has matured into a mainstream business tool, browser-based debt collection systems now provide a unique way to manage overdue accounts along with the ability to access account receivable information across geographic locations.

Our product, Lariat, is a browser-based debt collection solution that provides agencies and corporations with a wide array of tools to manage collection accounts from any Internet or Intranet connected computer. Lariat comes in two flavors, Lariat-ASP and Lariat-IP. Functionally both products are identical, the only difference in the products is how they are deployed. We go beyond just a web based solution. Lariat-IP is available for purchase while Lariat-ASP is offered as a hosted solution or software as a service. Example: Lariat installed at the company location, Lariat-IP is the choice. Prefer to offload the administration of a server, Lariat-ASP is the choice. We've got the solution to fit your needs.

Lariat is a powerful software solution that integrates all of the tools necessary to streamline your debt collection process. It simplifies collection activity by providing users with a wide range of browser-based management tools. It provides the ability to track accounts, communicate effortlessly and manage the process and results with robust reporting capabilities. Additionally, with its web-based architecture, debt collection agents and corporations have the opportunity to manage accounts regardless of geographic location, allowing those agents to become a virtual extended office. The Lariat solution is designed around using open source architecture.

Learn more about the Lariat solution @

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LedgerSMB is a financial accounting and ERP application aimed at small to midsize businesses. It features supply chain management, AR/AP, and GL support, a point of sale interface, and much much more. The software is aimed primarily at small to midsize businesses but is also paying close attention to scalability considerations with an eye to be usable by organizations of any size.

The LedgerSMB project pays close attention to security and and data integrity, and seeks to provide data assurance well above any other players in this space.

This application is not solely maintained by Metatron Technology Consulting. Command Prompt, Inc. and other companies have an equal say in the management and development of this software. We believe in community, multi-vendor development and so the listing of Metatron Technology Consulting as the publisher does not detract from the very large and important contributions of others who help develop and administer the project.

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LogMiner is a powerful log analysis package for Apache and IIS (or other web servers using the combined or Extended W3C log formats). It can extract and present several reports, about visits, hits, traffic, requests, navigation paths, browsers and OS's used by users and so on.

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The PostgreSQL powered ERP system, PostERP version 2.5, is available.


  • It is currently for manufacturing industry. Authorized customers can enhance features and even alter it for utterly different industries.
  • It is MRP (material requirement planning) capable.
  • It processes costs for items and lots (or serial numbers) stored in warehouses and work centers.
  • It currenly provides 68 data-entry forms (i.e. screens) and 45+ reports (templates).
  • It provides comprehansive on-line helps.
  • It comes with 2-tier and 3-tier computing architectures.
  • Client program requires no installation: Double click on .exe and run ERP system.
  • The sizes of client programs, fat.exe or tc.exe, are under 2MB (compressed) and nearly do not grow regardless of the expansion of the business logic.
  • It is multilingual. Users manage addresses, item descriptions, customer names, etc. in multiple languages simultaneously.
  • It processes unlimited number of companies while users maintain only copy of global data like items, BOM, accounts, customers, etc.
  • Users patch database on-line using the same client program.
  • Authorized customers create new forms without the need of writing code.
  • Business logic is exclusively stored in and run by PostgreSQL.
  • It is also a design-once, use-everywhere framework. Forms, report templates, on-line helps, etc. are stored in PostgreSQL and used worldwide.


  • Client program and application server run only in MS Windows and 99% in WINE.
  • Only English and Chinese translations are available at present time.

Free edition with limitation is available for download without the need of registration.

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Precog for PostgreSQL

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Precog for PostgreSQL empowers users to easily perform data science on PostgreSQL. Precog for PostgreSQL bundles the core Precog analysis technology into a completely free package that anyone can download and deploy on their existing PostgreSQL database.

Precog for PostgreSQL comes bundled with Labcoat, a high-level analysis tool that lets users analyze data using Quirrel, the statistically-oriented query language.

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Realiza la labor de Punto de Venta con emisión de tickets por servicio de parqueo y baños. Entrega informes de ventas por abonados y público en general, etc.

Permite saber cuántos espacios quedan disponibles. Este software evitará robos sistemáticos en su estacionamiento.

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Siservi es un software que ayuda en la automatización de restaurantes, fast foods y comedores empresariales. El módulo de ventas está programado de tal manera que es de fácil aprendizaje y rápido uso, pues hace énfasis en el manejo del teclado antes que del mouse a fin de evitar demoras y errores.

Puede emitir tickets y otros comprobantes de pago como boletas o facturas de tamaño estándar.

Puede ser configurado para ser utilizado con dispositivos de identificación de personal de varios tipos: código de barras, tarjeta de proximidad o banda magnética; incluso puede operar con lectores de huella digital.Para los comedores empresariales y servicios de catering podemos emitir un informe para que los consumos del personal les sean descontados por planilla.

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Sisplani SQL

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Elabora planillas de empleados y obreros, es configurable a la forma de cálculo de cada empresa, emite reportes de AFP Net, Vacaciones, Pagos x Banco, CTS con carta para bancos y certificado. Doble Moneda, emite billetaje.

Exporta asiento contable; reportes a Excel y Word; exporta datos a T-Registro y Plame, Calcula Quinta Categoría, hace resumen de planillas y boletas

Trabaja con planillas de construcción civil, industrial, servicios y cualquier otro tipo de empresa debido a que las fórmulas son configurables.

Permite importar información desde hojas Excel Multiempresa y Multiusuario, no tiene límite de cantidad de empresas ni de personal, debido a que usa base de datos SQL.

Tenemos experiencia y modelos hechos especialmente para Construcción Civil y Profesores por horas. Cuenta con un módulo para la copia de datos hacia Microsoft SQL Server

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Emite guías, facturas, boletas de ventas, notas de débito y crédito. Entrega estadísticas de ventas por vendedor, artículos y clientes, así como los márgenes por artículos y clientes. Permite emitir guías y posteriormente facturas, reporta Kárdex, Stock mínimo.

Multiempresa. Multiusuario, sin límite de almacenes ni productos. Genera y exporta asientos contables de compras y ventas.

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Online Commerce for Ruby on Rails

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SQLServerBooster is a free application for DBA’s, developers or people that do management around PostgreSQL and other databases engines and need to make backups automatically, compress and send through FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure, Dropbox, Rackspace, Box, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage or network.

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Linux financial accounting software. Standard software for business: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Inventory, Payroll US and UK RTI PAYE.

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Surabi - Electronics Parts Stock and Ordering Tool

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What it does 1. Gives you the current stock of your electronic parts 2. Helps to place a new order 3. Automates most of your work. Helps you to finish your job faster and reach home sooner!

Technology Postgresql - database Excel - front-end

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Truviso Continuous Analytics

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Truviso delivers a solution to continuously analyze massive volumes of ever growing data, enabling comprehensive visibility, timely action and more profitable decision making. Using an innovative technique for directly analyzing live streams of data, our solution unlocks the actionable insights, events and trends that are critical to your business.

Truviso was designed for high-performance, always-on, massively interconnected applications, while using industry standard technologies so it is easy and fast to implement. Truviso enables analysis of live, streaming data using standard SQL and permitting thousands of concurrent queries. Analytic results can be delivered to a browser-based dashboard , or automatically trigger actions such as alerts to decision makers.

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xTuple ERP: PostBooks Edition

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The PostBooks Edition of xTuple ERP is our entry-level offering, available completely free and open source, and suitable for small businesses of all kinds. It includes full financials; robust CRM; Sales and Purchasing; financial and ad-hoc reporting; and lightweight inventory, manufacturing and distribution.

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