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ART (A Reporting Tool)

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ART is a reporting and business intelligence solution, enabling quick deployment of SQL query results. Connect to your PostgreSQL database and provide reports across your organisation or to external clients.

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check_pgactivity is a PostgreSQL monitoring tool, compatible with Nagios, Naemon, Icinga, etc.

It is written with a focus on a rich perfdata set and provides many services. Every new features of PostgreSQL can be easily monitored with check_pgactivity. There's currently 44 different checks available, from archiving, WAL activity and configuration, to hit ratio, replication slots and xmin horizon and so on...

It can also be used outside of Nagios-compatible products, like interactively with a human output format or from a script with the json output format.

It just requires psql to connect to the database and supports monitoring with a non-privileged user for PostgreSQL 10 and after.

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Script that monitors and reports on over 30 different important items for one or more Postgres servers. It can be used with Nagios, with MRTG, or standalone. Some of the checks include locks, table and index bloat, database size, open transactions, long-running queries, WAL files, postgresql.conf changes, and verifying that replication is working.

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DB Doc for PostgreSQL

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DB Doc is a PostgreSQL database documentation tool that generates HTML, CHM, and PDF documentation in a couple of clicks.

DB Doc benefits:

  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual documentation tasks
  • Satisfy audit requirements by keeping complete and timely documentation
  • Document a database in a couple of clicks
  • Create documents in HTML, XML, PDF, DOCX, and CHM formats
  • View inter-object and inter-database dependencies in your documents
  • Document layouts can be fully customizable to suit your requirements
  • Keep teams up to date by distributing documentation
  • Runs on Windows XP to Windows 10
  • Runs in Wine, so you can use DB Doc on your favorite Linux distribution
  • Supports PostgreSQL 8.3 and newer versions, without the need for any additional database drivers.
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You already prepared your data for analysis? Your data might be stored in PostgreSQL or another database. DbFace will pull your data from these databases and show you chart reports (Pie, Line, Bar), dashboards, story reports or other types of applications.

DbFace is an efficient web development environment that helps you to create chart reports & dashboards applications via web. With the straightforward interface,you do not need to write PHP, HTML, CSS or other frontend/backend code to generate full featured query applications, operation applications, and extensive report dashboard applications.

DbFace is a cloud or on-premise solution, you do not need to download any software. Create an account on our website for free, and choose a subscription plan, then you will get all worked.

DbFace plugs directly into your databases and let you build chart reports, dashboards, storyboards and many other database driven applications without programming.

You can also host DbFace on your own webserver with On-premise version.

Click the following link to get more information:

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Holistics is the data-modeling and self-service BI platform for companies. Holistics connects to your PostgreSQL database and allows everyone to answer their own data questions.

Holistics does this by allowing data team to build a central definition of business logic through a data modeling layer. This then gets exposed to business users for self-service analytics.

Teams can also schedule reports to be sent to Google Sheets, Slack, Webhooks, PDF and other channels.

Holistics supports PostgreSQL and other database software.

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Navicat Charts Creator

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Navicat Charts Creator is a powerful and easy-to-use GUI tool for creating and manipulating charts. It enables users to create visual representations of your PostgreSQL database data.

Navicat Charts Creator is available on three platforms - Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux. Here are some highlights of Navicat Charts Creator:

  • Support more than 20 chart types.
  • Customize multiple pages dashboard.
  • Visualize live data.
  • Add interactive controls.
  • Support Navicat Cloud and Navicat On-Prem Server.

For details, please visit our website:

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Nucleon BI Studio

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Nucleon BI Studio is a powerful and innovative business intelligence, data reporting, data visualization, data mining, data science and data analysis software for the relational and NoSQL systems. Using BI Studio, you can easily connect to any data source, analyze and visualize using provided business intelligence modules and features.

Nucleon BI Studio is the only BI product to deliver a full range of business intelligence capabilities like: DataSets, Reports, Dashboards, Charts, Cross Tables, Power Views, Statistics, R-Statistics, SQL Query, MongoDB Query, Arango AQL, Couchbase N1QL , C# Scripting, Data Searches, Data Analysis as well as Data Integration, on a single proven architecture. Using Nucleon BI Studio you can rapidly consolidate, prepare, browse, visualize, query and analyze data from various data sources or database systems.

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Nucleon Data Science Studio

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Nucleon Data Science Studio is the extended version of Nucleon BI Studio with data science specific features and modules. Data Science Studio supports all BI Studio modules and provides more scripting and data analysis tools for Data Engineers and Data Scientists. The project files are compatbile with each other and can be used in both applications.

Data Science Studio is designed and developed for developers, data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and other data science related people with scripting and programming background. It allows deep data analyses with scripting and plotting.

Data Science Studio supports many databases systems including PostgreSQL.

Data Science Studio can also connect to any database system and data services via OData, ODBC, OleDB, WebDbBridge and WebDbProxy, support Ms Excel, MS FoxPro, dBASE, REST, GraphQL, CSV, XML, JSON, SharePoint, WordPress, AutoCad Plant3D, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery data source connections.

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Data mining is now fruitful and fun!

Orange provides open source data visualization and data analysis for novice and expert. It has interactive workflows with a large toolbox.

Interactive Workflows

Create your own interactive workflows to analyse and visualize your data.


Orange is packed with different visualizations, from scatter plots, bar charts, trees, to dendrograms, networks and heat maps.

Large Toolbox

Over 100 widgets and growing. We cover most of standard data analysis tasks. Specialized add-ons available, like Orange Bioinformatics.

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pgBadger is a PostgreSQL log analyzer build for speed with fully detailed reports from your PostgreSQL log file.

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pgCluu is a PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool.

It is used to perform a full audit of a PostgreSQL Cluster and System performance. It is divided in two parts:

  • A collector used to grab statistics on the PostgreSQL cluster using the psql command line utility and sar from the sysstat package.

  • A grapher that generate all HTML and charts output without any requirements.

pgCluu can be run locally or from a central server to monitor remotely a PostgreSQL Cluster.

A CGI mode is also available if you want to continuously monitor your PostgreSQL clusters and have real time reports.

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pgDash is a modern, in-depth monitoring solution designed specifically for PostgreSQL deployments. pgDash shows you information and metrics about every aspect of your PostgreSQL database server, collected using the open-source tool pgmetrics.

pgDash provides core reporting and visualization functionality, including collecting and displaying PostgreSQL metrics, query performance information, time-series graphs, dashboards, diagnostics, alerting, teams and more.

Self-hosted/on-premise as well as SaaS options are available.

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pgmetrics is an open-source, zero-dependency, single-binary tool that can collect a lot of information and statistics from a running PostgreSQL server and display it in easy-to-read text format or export it as JSON and CSV for scripting.

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PostgreSQL Dashboard

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PostgreSQL Dashboard is simple monitoring tool that provides a live activity report of a PostgreSQL instance.

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PostgreSQL Dashboard by the Dashboard Builder

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PostgreSQL dashboard is a pure dynamic and D3.js based data visualization tool for the PostgreSQL database, which is built using JavaScript library for producing dynamic and interactive graphs and dashboards in your web browsers. Postgres dashboard uses SVG, HTML5, and CSS standards which can be created either static or real-time data coming from the PostgreSQL database.

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The PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer is performance tool for PostgreSQL 9.4 and superior allowing to collect, aggregate and purge statistics on a PostgreSQL instance from various sources. It is implemented as a background worker and distributed as an extension.

This includes support for various stat extensions:

  • pg_stat_statements, providing data about queries being executed
  • pg_qualstats, providing data about predicates, or where clauses
  • pg_stat_kcache, providing data about operating-system level cache

It supports the following extension:

  • HypoPG, allowing you to create hypothetical indexes and test their usefulness without creating them

Additionnaly, the PoWA User Interface allows you to make the most sense of this information.

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QueryClips is a simple data sharing tool for developers and product managers. Most customers use it as a replacement for Heroku Dataclips.


  • Connect to PostgreSQL
  • Share query results
  • Export your data
  • Invite your team
  • Access control
  • 128-bit AES encrypted credentials
  • SSL connection
  • All queries are run in read-only transactions

Learn More

Learn more at

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QueryTree is a flexible, powerful, and secure database reporting and visualization tool that allows you to easily access and understand your software or app's data.

Using QueryTree, you can connect to your PostgreSQL databases using secure encrypted connections.

You can then invite your teammates to use your data to create, share, export, and schedule reports via email using our intuitive dropdown menu and drag and drop report builders.

You don't need to be a developer to get to the wealth of valuable information contained in your database: QueryTree’s visual environment gives non-technical people the power and flexibility to build queries and reports using a simple drag and drop interface. Easily join different data sets, apply transformations, visualize results, and schedule reports - all without needing the help of a developer.

The QueryTree team come from software and startup backgrounds, so understand the challenges people face when it comes to obtaining insight from data. The aim is to build a reporting tool that will offer you as much value as possible. That's why QueryTree’s sole purpose is to make it easier to gain valuable insight from data without relying on technical team members so much.

Key features:

  • Simple report builder (dropdown menu interface)
  • Scheduled reports via email (automatic updates of reports you've built)
  • Collaboration (invite team members or clients with different levels of permission)
  • Data visualization (tonnes of options, re-visualize data in seconds)
  • Secure (QueryTree only requires read-only access)
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Web BI tool for ad-hoc reporting with pivot tables and pivot charts. You can connect directly to PostgreSQL database; group-by queries are executed by report configuration on-the-fly and you always get actual values. It is possible to define report parameters for additional data filtering on database level (useful for large databases).

Reports may be exported to PDF/Excel/CSV formats; also you can publish you account for public access ([something] or custom domain name).

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Slemma is the best collaborative, data visualization tool for PostgreSQL. With Slemma, you can connect directly to PostgreSQL and other databases with near-to-one click integration and bypass the need for a warehouse.

Create beautiful charts and interactive dashboards by selecting tables or by writing queries. Non-developers can easily create the visualizations they need (no coding necessary) consequently liberating developer’s time.

After creating your dashboards, Slemma has collaboration built right in. Quickly share with your entire team or specify individuals and their editing rights. Starting from $29/month, accounts can be supplied to entire teams thereby giving the power of data to everyone!

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Ubiq is a business intelligence and reporting Tool for PostgreSQL, MySQL & SQL Server. You can directly connect to a PostgreSQL database with a few clicks, create interactive charts, dashboards and reports using a drag & drop interface, and share it with others in multiple formats.

Even business users can use it to gather business insights. Apply powerful search and filtering capabilities to drill-down into data. Share your work with teammates or automatically scheduled as an email report.

Commercial $18/month for 1 user, $45/month for 3 users, $75/month for 5 users, custom pricing available Ubiq View

Windward Studios

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Generate Beautiful Reports from your PostgreSQL Data

Make visually-attractive documents (docgen) & reports that are customized to look exactly the way you need from your PostgreSQL data.

Visually Pleasing Designs

Our platform facilitates top-class tools and features to produce great looking designs and eye-catching layouts. Your imagination is the only limit.

Smart Document Logic

Introducing the most reliable document generation platform for the digital world. Using the conditional logic tool, you can customize your document to suit various users. Embrace the trending world of Smart Documents.

Time Efficient

Do you need to get templates designed really fast so you can attend to the demands of your business? Our software is made to help you do exactly that. You do not even need to know how to code, just get started and get done in minutes (literally).

Remarkably User-friendly Interface

Our platform empowers you with the ability to edit, personalize, and design documents in MS Office Suite, giving you a great experience.

Efficiency with Less Expense

Document generation and template creation does not have to be expensive or time consuming. You can impressively cut the time spent and resources used to bring your idea to life. Use the saved expenses on things that matter most for your business.

We Ensure Custom Document Production is Straightforward and Swift. Windward Studios is one of the leading innovators in this sector. We provide the best data-powered document creation application for OEM, enterprises, individuals, and system integrators. Our software can be used to make visually unique documents that appear just the way you intended. Say goodbye to the need for other solutions and extended timelines of legacy.

Due to the drastic time savings and user-friendly interface of our software, businesses and individuals alike can considerably save on time, labor, and tools. In fact, they can utilize their valuable resources and funds on other vital business initiatives.

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