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Note: Postgres has four languages that are part of the core distribution: PL/pgSQL, PL/Tcl, PL/Perl, and PL/Python.

Alinous-Core for PostgreSQL

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Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language(DSL) for Web Application using PostgreSQL. By using Alinous-Core, you can create web applications easily. If you know SQL, HTML and Javascript, you'll master this language in 30 minutes by watching movie to get started.

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Field Forge

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Field Forge brings massively parallel processing (MPP) to PostgreSQL's current single-threaded sessions. Field Forge utilizes the MPP power of the Kappa framework. The Kappa framework provides practical usage of CUDA GPU, OpenMP, and partitioned data flow scheduled processing. Field Forge make the Kappa framework from Psi Lambda LLC a new Language for defining Window and Table functions. These functions allow processing to be specified using SQL and index component notation for MPP using GPUs and CPUs. Within each Field Forge node, the Kappa framework passes (subsets) of the data sets between processing kernels and into and out of data sets. Field Forge also utilizes the Kappa framework's Apache Portable Runtime (APR) database driver SQL connections to retrieve data fields from any database source (including other Field Forge sessions and nodes), process them using the MPP capabilities of the Kappa framework, and return them as PostgreSQL table or window fields returned from table or window functions respectively. This combination of features enables a Dataset Passing Interface (DPI) for distributed MPP. DPI leverages the existing skills, protocols, connectivity, and infrastructure of an organization.

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PL/Java is a free add-on module that brings Java™ Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Functions to the PostgreSQL™ backend via the standard JDBC interface.

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plPHP stands for Procedural Language PHP. The language has the PHP engine at its core and provides PHP scripting support for procedures and functions in PostgreSQL. Written by Command Prompt, Inc. plPHP is Open Source and licensed under the PHP license and the PostgreSQL (BSD) License.

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ANSI SQL compliant language for stored procedures based on current plpgsql environment.

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Procedural language based on the R statistical language

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PL/Ruby is a loadable procedural language for the Postgres database system that enable the Ruby language to create functions and trigger procedures

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PL/scheme is a PostgreSQL procedural language handler for Scheme programming language released under BSD license. PL/scheme uses Guile in the background as its Scheme interpreter. With lots of builtin SRFIs, GOOPS framework and complete R5RS compliancy of Guile, PL/scheme will power up PostgreSQL procedures in your favorite programming language!

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PL/sh is a procedural language handler for PostgreSQL that allows you to write stored procedures in a shell of your choice. For example,

CREATE FUNCTION concat(text, text) RETURNS text AS '
echo "$1$2"
' LANGUAGE plsh;

The first line must be a #!-style line that indicates the shell to use. The rest of the function body will be executed by that shell in a separate process. The arguments are available as $1, $2, etc., as usual. (This is the shell's syntax. If your shell uses something different then that's what you need to use.) The return value will become what is printed to the standard output. If anything is printed to the standard error, then the function aborts with an error and the message is printed. If the script does not exit with status 0 then an error is raised as well.

The shell script can do anything you want, but you can't access the database. Trigger functions are also possible, but they can't change the rows. Needless to say, this language should not be declared as TRUSTED.

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