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SPI_finish --  Disconnects your procedure from the SPI manager.






SPI_OK_FINISH if properly disconnected
SPI_ERROR_UNCONNECTED if called from an un-connected procedure


SPI_finish closes an existing connection to the SPI manager. You must call this function after completing the SPI operations needed during your procedure's current invocation.

You may get the error return SPI_ERROR_UNCONNECTED if SPI_finish is called without having a current valid connection. There is no fundamental problem with this; it means that nothing was done by the SPI manager.


SPI_finish must be called as a final step by a connected procedure, or you may get unpredictable results! However, you do not need to worry about making this happen if the transaction is aborted via elog(ERROR). In that case SPI will clean itself up.


SPI_finish performs the following: Disconnects your procedure from the SPI manager and frees all memory allocations made by your procedure via palloc since the SPI_connect. These allocations can't be used any more! See Memory management.

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