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We use the docbook2man utility to convert DocBook REFENTRY pages to *roff output suitable for man pages. At the time of writing, the utility required patching to successfully run on the Postgres markup, and we added a small amount of new functionality to allow setting the man page section in the output file name.

docbook2man is written in perl, and requires the CPAN package SGMLSpm to run. Also, it requires nsgmls to be available, which is included in the jade distribution. After installing these packages, then simply run

$ cd doc/src
$ make man
which will result in a tar file being generated in the doc/src directory.

docbook2man Installation Procedure

  1. Install the docbook2man package, available at

  2. Install the SGMLSpm perl module, available from CPAN mirrors.

  3. Install nsgmls if not already available from your jade installation.

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