11th October 2018: PostgreSQL 11 RC 1 Released!
Supported Versions: Current (10) / 9.6 / 9.5 / 9.4 / 9.3
Development Versions: 11 / devel
Unsupported versions: 9.2

E.90. Release 9.2.13

Release date: 2015-06-12

This release contains a small number of fixes from 9.2.12. For information about new features in the 9.2 major release, see Section E.103.

E.90.1. Migration to Version 9.2.13

A dump/restore is not required for those running 9.2.X.

However, if you are upgrading from a version earlier than 9.2.11, see Section E.92.

E.90.2. Changes

  • Fix rare failure to invalidate relation cache init file (Tom Lane)

    With just the wrong timing of concurrent activity, a VACUUM FULL on a system catalog might fail to update the init file that's used to avoid cache-loading work for new sessions. This would result in later sessions being unable to access that catalog at all. This is a very ancient bug, but it's so hard to trigger that no reproducible case had been seen until recently.

  • Avoid deadlock between incoming sessions and CREATE/DROP DATABASE (Tom Lane)

    A new session starting in a database that is the target of a DROP DATABASE command, or is the template for a CREATE DATABASE command, could cause the command to wait for five seconds and then fail, even if the new session would have exited before that.