Core Team Report: June 2018 - May 2019

This is a high level report of the activities of the PostgreSQL Core Team during the period of June 2018 to May 2019. This is not an exhaustive list; as can be imagined, some activities must be kept confidential for privacy and other reasons.

  1. Multiple requests for approval to use the logo and project name.

    We received a number of requests from various individuals and organisations to use the project logo and name in conjunction with events, support and consulting services and production of Open Source related swag. None were refused.

  2. Multiple questions about our licence, all responded to.

    We received a number of enquiries about our licence and what types of usage it allows, whether a licence fee is required and so on. In all cases a high level answer was given explaining that PostgreSQL may be freely used, modified and redistributed, and that any further questions should be referred to the enquirers legal advisors.

  3. Significant time spent on pre-CoC conduct issues.

    There were two ongoing conduct issues at the time the Code of Conduct committee was formed in September 2018. The Core team continued to work on these, but did not retroactively apply the Code of Conduct. We did enlist the help of the CoC committee to both assist us, and give them some experience.

    One of the two issues was relatively simple, whilst the other involved a significant amount of investigation and interim bans from use of resources due to non-cooperation. Cooperation was eventually received from all parties and the matter was concluded in mid-May 2019, resulting in one personal and one organisational temporary ban from use of PostgreSQL resources. In both cases, "time served" was taken into account in determining the length of the bans.

  4. One conduct issue involving a senior developer dealt with.

    One general (non-CoC) issue involving a senior developer was dealt with following discussion and deliberations over a number of weeks.

  5. Significant time dealing with the complications caused by the organisational ban discussed above.

    The organisational ban implemented had potential ramifications on events and parties not involved in the Code of Conduct investigation. A great deal of discussion took place to understand the effects of the ban on those parties, and how they could be minimised.

  6. A misuse of trademark issue was dealt with.

    An organisation registered and started to use a domain name that could lead uninformed members of the public to believe that their website was the official website of the PostgreSQL community. This matter was debated and discussed with the manager of the organisation, who elected to use an alternative domain name.

  7. Ongoing discussions on Patent Policy.

    There have been ongoing discussions on the topic of Patent policies, culminating in a meeting at PGCon 2019 where the topic was discussed with a much wider audience. A policy draft is being produced, which will be discussed within the Core team and other interested parties (such as the committers), and will then be discussed with legal counsel.

  8. Discussions and subsequent updates to various project policies, now all on

    The project policies stored on have all been reviewed, updated where appropriate, and moved to the main website.