Core Team Report: January 2022 - December 2022

This is a high level report of the activities of the PostgreSQL Core Team during the period of January 2022 to December 2022. While we aim for full transparency, some activities may be kept confidential for privacy and other reasons.

  • Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct Committee

    The PostgreSQL Core Team accepted changes to the Code of Conduct to clarify term limits.

  • War in Ukraine and its impact to the PostgreSQL project

    The Core Team handled several different situations that were related to the war in Ukraine and its impact to the project.

  • Time Zone Database changes

    PostgreSQL includes a copy of the Time Zone Database (tzdata) to ensure that PostgreSQL will work on systems that do not include tzdata. In 2022, there were changes in the Time Zone Database (tzdata) that would affect the display of historical timestamps and different options on how to maintain backwards compatibility. Based on an evaluation of what major operating systems were doing, the Core Team opted to continue shipping the standard tzdata build.

  • Trademark management and disputes

    The Core Team delegates trademark management to the PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada (PGCAC). The Core Team was made aware of several ongoing trademark disputes that PGCAC and, in some cases, PostgreSQL Europe (PGEU) are engaged in. These disputes are ongoing as of the writing of this report.