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Software Catalogue - Clustering/replication

9 product(s) were found in this category.

Product Bucardo

Multi-master and multi-slave asynchronous replication system for Postgres.

Licence Open source
Pricing info Free (BSD licensed)
Publisher End Point Corporation
Product Continuet Tungsten

Tungsten Enterprise is a complete replication and data management solution for PostgreSQL. Tungsten Enterprise uses replication and distributed management to create virtualized databases using redundant data copies. Tungsten Enterprise helps customers build fault-tolerant clusters that ensure uninterrupted access to data, improve performance and lower costs. Best of all, Tungsten does not require DBMS upgrades, or application updates to use. It works transparently with existing applications and database versions.

Tungsten Enterprise builds on Tungsten Replicator, an open source, data replication engine for PostgreSQL. Tungsten Enterprise includes distributed management with simple operator commands to view status and perform maintenance, business rules to execute failover procedures, transparent SQL routing and load balancing, and integration with high-end storage systems like NetApp. Tungsten Enterprise runs equally well in clouds as well as on local hardware.

Tungsten Enterprise customers include large enterprises, SaaS businesses, social networking sites and ISPs. Applications that depend on Tungsten Enterprise range from in-house IT systems to multi-tenant applications that process hundreds of millions of transactions a day for thousands of customers.

Licence Commercial
Pricing info Starting at $200 per month /database server CPU
Publisher Continuent
Product GridSQL

GridSQL is a shared-nothing clustered database system targeted at data warehousing and data mart applications. It includes intelligence to maximize parallelization over multiple servers, delivering faster query response times than can be achieved by single-node databases.

Licence Open source
Publisher GridSQL Project
Product Pervasync Database Synchronization Framework for PostgreSQL

Pervasync Database Synchronization Framework supports synchronization of local PostgreSQL databases with central PosrgreSQL databases.

The signature feature of the framework is that it allows you to sub-set the central server data using free form SQL queries with parameters. Each local database could sync shared as well as private data with central databases.

Synchronization could be two-way, meaning writes can be done on both local and central databases. Change capture, conflict detection and resolution are built in to the core of the sync framework.

Licence Commercial
Pricing info $699
Publisher Pervasync, LLC
Product pgpool-II

Pgpool-II is a synchronous replication system for PostgreSQL 7.4 or later.It provides all desired functionalities to build a high performance/high availabilty cluster using PostgreSQL, including connection pooling and load balancing.

Pgpool can also be integrated with other replication systems such as Slony-I.

Licence Open source
Publisher Pgpool Global Development Group
Product repmgr

repmgr handles setup and management of read-only replicas of a database. It works using replication features including with PostgreSQL, starting with version 9.0. The program includes a command line tool that can manage the cluster from a single node, as well as a background daemon to assist in monitoring and node failover.

Licence Open source
Pricing info Free (GPL Licensed)
Publisher 2ndQuadrant Ltd
Product Slony-I

Slony-I is a "master to multiple slaves" replication system supporting cascading (e.g. - a node can feed another node which feeds another node...) and failover.

The big picture for the development of Slony-I is that it is a master-slave replication system that includes all features and capabilities needed to replicate large databases to a reasonably limited number of slave systems.

Slony-I is a system designed for use at data centers and backup sites, where the normal mode of operation is that all nodes are available.

Licence Open source
Publisher Slony Project
Product SteelEye® LifeKeeper™ and SteelEye Data Replication for PostgreSQL

SteelEye LifeKeeper and SteelEye Data Replication (SDR) are field proven business continuity solutions that provide high-availability and data replication for systems hosting either PostgreSQL or EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus. Because of the mission-critical nature of the data managed in these environments a fundamental requirement is to have the ability to detect problems that impact the availability of that information and failover the processing to a standby server. Both servers may be on the same LAN, connected across the WAN, and can be hosted on either a physical or virtual machines. This flexibility allows for the easy configuration and provisioning of these systems while assuring users continue to be productive and in touch with the information they need. Protect your deployment from the everyday challenges we face in today’s business environment. For more information about SteelEye’s family of business continuity solutions, visit us at

Licence Commercial
Pricing info $3,600
Publisher SteelEye Technology
Product xDB Replication Server

xDB Replication Server provides replication from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL all managed from a robust and easy to use graphical user interface. xDB features a distributed multi-publication/subscription architecture that allows you to synchronize data across geographies utilizing a snapshot or continuous replication modes. Other features include selective table replication, row filtering, a replication scheduler, cascading replication, a history viewer, and the ability to work in either graphical or CLI environments. You can save your organization time and money with replication by offloading reporting loads to a second server for better overall read/write performance, seeding new databases with data, or migrating data off old systems to PostgreSQL.

Licence Commercial
Pricing info Call: +1 781-357-3390 or 1-877-377-4352 (US Only)
Publisher EnterpriseDB Corporation

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