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E.269. Release 7.2.2

Release Date: 2002-08-23

This release contains a variety of fixes for version 7.2.1.

E.269.1. Migration to Version 7.2.2

A dump/restore is not required for those running version 7.2.*.

E.269.2. Changes

  • Allow EXECUTE of "CREATE TABLE AS ... SELECT" in PL/pgSQL (Tom)

  • Fix for compressed transaction log id wraparound (Tom)

  • Fix PQescapeBytea/PQunescapeBytea so that they handle bytes > 0x7f (Tatsuo)

  • Fix for psql and pg_dump crashing when invoked with non-existent long options (Tatsuo)

  • Fix crash when invoking geometric operators (Tom)

  • Allow OPEN cursor(args) (Tom)

  • Fix for rtree_gist index build (Teodor)

  • Fix for dumping user-defined aggregates (Tom)

  • contrib/intarray fixes (Oleg)

  • Fix for complex UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT queries using parens (Tom)

  • Fix to pg_convert (Tatsuo)

  • Fix for crash with long DATA strings (Thomas, Neil)

  • Fix for repeat(), lpad(), rpad() and long strings (Neil)

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