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E.270. Release 7.2.1

Release Date: 2002-03-21

This release contains a variety of fixes for version 7.2.

E.270.1. Migration to Version 7.2.1

A dump/restore is not required for those running version 7.2.

E.270.2. Changes

  • Ensure that sequence counters do not go backwards after a crash (Tom)

  • Fix pgaccess kanji-conversion key binding (Tatsuo)

  • Optimizer improvements (Tom)

  • Cash I/O improvements (Tom)

  • New Russian FAQ

  • Compile fix for missing AuthBlockSig (Heiko)

  • Additional time zones and time zone fixes (Thomas)

  • Allow psql \connect to handle mixed case database and user names (Tom)

  • Return proper OID on command completion even with ON INSERT rules (Tom)

  • Allow COPY FROM to use 8-bit DELIMITERS (Tatsuo)

  • Fix bug in extract/date_part for milliseconds/microseconds (Tatsuo)

  • Improve handling of multiple UNIONs with different lengths (Tom)

  • contrib/btree_gist improvements (Teodor Sigaev)

  • contrib/tsearch dictionary improvements, see README.tsearch for an additional installation step (Thomas T. Thai, Teodor Sigaev)

  • Fix for array subscripts handling (Tom)

  • Allow EXECUTE of "CREATE TABLE AS ... SELECT" in PL/pgSQL (Tom)

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