Thanks Tom. 8.1 has some very tempting features.... running it on the windows box ... ayah but I like the lazy days approach of having yum do the updates so guess the FC4 box will have to await the release of FC5.


Tom Lane wrote:
Richard Sydney-Smith <> writes:
I am running Fedora core 4 with nightly "yum" update. Presently it is 
not picking up version 8.1 as an upgrade.

1) If I wait will 8.1 get added to the "yummy" list

Nope.  FC4 is locked to the PG 8.0.x release series.  This goes along
with Red Hat's normal approach to release engineering: upgrades do not
introduce any significant incompatibilities.

PG 8.1 is in Fedora Rawhide == FC5-to-be.

2) If I add 8.1 via the RPMs will future releases be maintained by "yum" 
or do future upgrades have to continue to be done manually via RPM's

You can forcibly install any version you like, but it won't be maintained
by the Red Hat/Fedora infrastructure if you do --- at that point it's
on your own head to update the package as needed.

			regards, tom lane