You're right.

I changed:
 - at sslinfo.contol return default module version to '1.0';
 - function get_extension() returns now boolean (true, if we found extension, and false otherwise).

09.03.2015, 16:43, "Alvaro Herrera" <>:

 Dmitry Voronin wrote:
  </pre><pre>I make an a patch, which adds 4 functions to sslinfo extension module:<br />1) ssl_extension_names() --- get short names of X509v3 extensions from client certificate and it's values;
  2) ssl_extension_value(text) --- get value of extension from certificate (argument --- short name of extension);
  3) ssl_extension_is_critical(text) --- returns true, if extension is critical and false, if is not (argument --- short name of extension).

  You can view some information of certificate's extensions via those functions.
 Since you change default version from 1.0 to 1.1 you need to supply the
 sslinfo--1.1.sql script.  You also need to supply a sslinfo--1.0--1.1.sql
 script which enables updates from version 1.0 to 1.1.

 (The test for the upgrade is to initdb 9.4, and in some database install
 the sslinfo extension; then pg_upgrade to a version with your patch.  In
 the database with the extension then try to upgrade it to 1.1.)

 Please use C type bool not int when that's what the code means.

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Best regards, Dmitry Voronin