07.12.2023, 19:17, "Aleksander Alekseev" <aleksander@timescale.com>:


 +1 to the idea to protect SLRUs from corruption. I'm slightly leaning towards the idea of separating checksums from data pages, but anyway this checksums are better than no checksums.

 On 7 Dec 2023, at 10:06, Li, Yong <yoli@ebay.com> wrote:

 I am still working on patching the pg_upgrade. Just love to hear your thoughts on the idea and the current patch.

 FWIW you can take upgrade code from this patch [0] doing all the same stuff :)

Sounds like a half-measure to me. If we really want to go down this
rabbit hole IMO SLRU should be moved to shared buffers as proposed
elsewhere [1].

Thread that I cited stopped in 2018 for this exact reason. 5 years ago. Is this argument still valid?
Meanwhile checksums of buffer pages also reside on a page :)

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.