Hi Neil,
what about the commit to the upstream?
31.03.2021, 06:02, "Neil Chen" <carpenter.nail.cz@gmail.com>:
I did some research on this bug and found that the reason for the problem is that the pg_dump misjudged the non-global default access privileges when exporting. The details are as follows:
The default for a global entry is the hard-wired default ACL for the
particular object type.  The default for non-global entries is an empty
ACL.  This must be so because global entries replace the hard-wired
defaults, while others are added on.
We can find this description in code comments(src/backend/catalog/aclchk.c:1162). For example, if we log as user postgres, for global entire our default ACL is "{=X/postgres,postgres=X/postgres}", for non-global entire it's "NULL".
Now let's look at a part of the SQL statement used when pg_dump exports the default ACL(it can be found in src/bin/pg_dump/dumputils.c:762):
(SELECT pg_catalog.array_agg(acl ORDER BY row_n) FROM
(SELECT acl, row_n FROM
pg_catalog.unnest(coalesce(defaclacl,pg_catalog.acldefault(CASE WHEN defaclobjtype = 'S' THEN 's' ELSE defaclobjtype END::"char",defaclrole)))
WITH ORDINALITY AS perm(acl,row_n)
pg_catalog.unnest(coalesce(pip.initprivs,pg_catalog.acldefault(CASE WHEN defaclobjtype = 'S' THEN 's' ELSE defaclobjtype END::"char",defaclrole)))
AS init(init_acl) WHERE acl = init_acl)) as foo) 
It can be seen that when comparing the changes of default ACL, it does not distinguish between global and non-global default ACL. It uses {=X/postgres,postgres=X/postgres} as the non-global default ACL by mistake, resulting in the export error.
Combined with the above research, I gave this patch to fix the bug. Hackers can help to see if this modification is correct. I'm studying how to write test scripts for it...
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