Thank you for preparing the patches, and Heikki Linnakangas for pushing those!

Yaroslav, could you prepare a patch for your remaining suggestions ?
I suggest to include just the handful of items which are most important (most

Let me write this again: I'm not a native speaker, so not sure those are actually incorrect, and can't offer non-trivial suggestions.
Anyway, I've tried to remove the already fixed things (also by other patches mentioned in the thread) from my initial list, and attach it.
Also, I've looked over the pushed patches, and spotted these:
Table 51.8. pg_authid Columns
-- Some rows in the description have point at the end, some don't (seemingly at random).
The applied patch fixed only one of those cases... also seemingly at random. Would be nice if someone read the whole table and made a decision about how it should be. If (just guessing here) the rule is "there should be no point if it's just one sentence", then "Role bypasses every row level security policy, see Section 5.8 for more information." is still wrong.
Then, while ";" after "END" were added in doc/src/sgml/plpgsql.sgml, but in doc/src/sgml/func.sgml they still were not.
Finally, while the patches fix a lot of whitespace in function arguments, the original complaint about div() and mod() is still not fixed.
WBR, Yaroslav Schekin.