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README README2007-01-07 09:53:31879 bytes
admin80-1.6.3.tar.gz admin80-1.6.3.tar.gz2007-03-23 16:24:306.1 KB
admin81-1.6.3.tar.gz admin81-1.6.3.tar.gz2007-03-23 16:24:384.4 KB

Current Maintainer

Dave Page


The tarballs in this directory are the admin packs containing
'Instrumentation Functions' used by pgAdmin to provide additional
functionality when administering your servers. 

To install, simply extract all the files from the tarball into
the /contrib directory of your pre-configured PostgreSQL source 
tree. Change into the directory and run make; make install to 
build and install the module, then run the SQL script in your
maintenance database to load the functions.

Be sure to use admin80-x.x.x.tar.gz with PostgreSQL 8.0.x, and
admin81-x.x.x.tar.gz with PostgreSQL 8.1.x. More detailed 
instructions may be found in the README file in each tarball.

Note: PostgreSQL 8.2 and above include the adminpack as a
      contrib module.

Note: The pgInstaller distribution of PostgreSQL for Windows
      includes the appropriate admin pack as a contrib module

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