3rd October 2019: PostgreSQL 12 Released!

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README README2008-10-31 13:13:261.3 KB
postgresql-8.2.11-1-binaries-no-installer.zip postgresql-8.2.11-1-binaries-no-installer.zip2008-10-31 10:34:1816.2 MB
postgresql-8.2.11-1-binaries-no-installer.zip.sig postgresql-8.2.11-1-binaries-no-installer.zip.sig2008-10-31 11:01:3965 bytes
postgresql-8.2.11-1.zip postgresql-8.2.11-1.zip2008-10-31 10:36:5525.8 MB
postgresql-8.2.11-1.zip.sig postgresql-8.2.11-1.zip.sig2008-10-31 11:01:4065 bytes


This is the PostgreSQL Installer for Windows. 

postgresql-8.2.11-1.zip is the multi-language version of the installer. This file
has been GPG signed at build time by Dave Page. Dave's public key may be found
at http://www.pgadmin.org/pgp/davepage.pgp

postgresql-8.2.11-1-ja.zip is a Japanese specific version. This file has been 
GPG signed at build time by Hiroshi Saito whose public key may be found at:

postgresql-8.2.11-1-binaries-no-installer.zip is a zip of the PostgreSQL 
installation directory. It does not include any of the bundled apps or
drivers and is intended for expert users only!

A walkthrough of the installation may be found at:
 - http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/

The FAQ may be found at:
 - http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/faq/FAQ_windows.html
 - http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/faq/FAQ_windows_br.html
     (Brazilian Portuguese translation)
 - http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/faq/FAQ_windows_ja.html
     (Japanese translation)
 - http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/faq/FAQ_windows_tr.html
     (Turkish translation)
Details of how to run a silent installation may be found at:
 - http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/silent.html
The pgInstaller project may be found at: 
 - http://pgfoundry.org/projects/pginstaller/