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"Open source and free PostgreSQL has the speed, compatibility, SQL, and features as sophisticated as the number one commercial database."
Ferry Irawan, NewJavaSoft, Indonesia
"PostgreSQL handles virtually all the standard SQL constructs. It is easy (relatively speaking) to administer, it is fast, it is efficient, it has a great API, and it supports ODBC, why would you choose something else?"
Mark Woodward, Mohawk Software
"I can't say enough good things about PostgreSQL. From backups to application development to administration, PostgreSQL has been a joy to work with."
Noel Proffitt, City of Garden Grove, California
"We consider the availability of source code a major advantage of using an open source database. We haven't had to go and fix any bugs ourselves, but we have peered at the source to satisfy ourselves as to how things work"
Tim Allen, Senior Software Developer, Proximity Group
"Our systems are deployed in high-availability environments and the combination of PostgreSQL on Linux has enabled us to deploy and support systems without any need for a large support team."
Tim Allen, Senior Software Developer, Proximity Group
"We have used PostgreSQL successfully for over two years in a mission-critical capacity to support our registry systems."
Ram Mohan, Chief Technology Officer, Afilias Limited
"Fujitsu is proud of its sponsorship of contributions to PostgreSQL and of its work with the PostgreSQL community. We are committed to helping make PostgreSQL the leading Database Management System."
Takayuki Nakazawa, Director of Fujitsu's OSS Database in Software Group
Overall, PostgreSQL has been faster than the commercial product from which we converted.
Kevin Grittner, Wisconsin Court System
We have normally had a fix within 24 hours. Frankly, the [mailing list] support has been amazing.
Kevin Grittner, Wisconsin Court System
... just like the FeedLounge guys I prefer PostgreSQL, and it's the database we'll be using for all future applications here at Joyent.
Michael Koziarski, Joyent
There was quite a bit of debate when we were deciding what tools would best serve as the foundation of FlightAware's ambitious goals. For the underlying database, however, the choice to use PostgreSQL was quite clear from the very beginning.
David McNett, Chief Information Officer,
We believe that databases need to excel at more than simple selects to be useful for complex tasks and our positive experiences with PostgreSQL has done nothing but reinforce that philosophy.
David McNett, Chief Information Officer,
Etsy is the sum total of its data, so when it came to choosing where to store our critical information there was only one sound choice. PostgreSQL's strong emphasis on quality, stability, and data integrity contribute to making it the premier open source database.
The Etsy Development Team,
With our previous solution, we found it difficult to support databases over 50GB. Now, because of PostgreSQL, we are easily working with databases with 400GB+ of data and hundreds of millions of records... It has brought us to our markets spotlight and has played a primary role in our continuing growth of revenue.
Joshua Marsh, Listfusion
Under loads heavy and light, with virtually no administration overhead, PostgreSQL chugs along and "just works".
Benjamin Smith, CTO, Charterworks
Skype has been using PostgreSQL as the main DB for most of our business needs right from the start.
Hannu Krosing, Skype
[With PostgreSQL] we have been quite successful in growing the databases as the company has grown, both in number of users and in the complexity of services we offer.
Hannu Krosing, Skype
[Our customers] expect both high performance and high availability from our software, central part of which is the SQL database engine. And we have found that the PostgreSQL is really up to the task.
Maksym Sobolyev, SippySoft Inc.
In our experience the TCO for PostgreSQL is significantly lower compared not only to commercial rivals but also to competing open source products such as MySQL.
Maksym Sobolyev, SippySoft Inc.
We use PostgreSQL on all LeapServs to track information ranging from a couple hundred thousand rows to 20+ million.
Lindsay Snider, Founding Partner, BitLeap LLC
PostgreSQL has the feature set of an enterprise level DBMS and should be strongly considered when researching both open source and commercial database servers.
Lindsay Snider, Founding Partner, BitLeap LLC
We process over 18,000 queries per second on over 300GB of user data on our PostgreSQL servers, and those numbers go up every month.
Gavin Roy, CTO,
Postgres is a truly awesome database. When we started working on Launchpad I wasn't sure if it would be up to the job. I was so wrong. It's been robust, fast, and professional in every regard.
Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Linux
PostgreSQL offered the only solution that we felt was a true DBMS and would scale with our rapidly growing business. To date, we have never once doubted that critical decision.
Odysseas Tsatalos, CTO, oDesk
We chose Postgres as the main database for Morph Labs because it provided us with the best solution to running a DB in a grid environment.
Guy Naor, CTO, Morph Labs
Noodle requires a Database that is not only scalable but provides exceptional performance. PostgreSQL is everything we need and more.
Tim Dorey, Founder,
Here in CAIXA bank we use Postgresql in mission-critical financial environments because - beyond being strategic for our business and Brazil - it has the quality to support our operations.
Clarice Coppetti, IT Vice President, CAIXA Bank, Brazil
Good software with good services makes us very satisfied with our choice of PostgreSQL and free software.
Clarice Coppetti, IT Vice President, CAIXA Bank, Brazil
... mission-critical technology tasks can continue to depend on the power, flexibility and robustness of PostgreSQL.
Ram Mohan, CTO, Afilias
We embed PostgreSQL in our Cloud Appliances and we rely on PostgreSQL in our Ubuntu packages. While the product supports multiple databases, 93% of Openbravo deployments are on PostgreSQL.
Paolo Juvara, CTO, Openbravo
The new data payload option in asychronous notifications will power the next version of our remote data display programs for arcapos.
Marc Balmer, founder, micro systems
We handle 75-80% of the U.S. homeless management information systems requirements...and PostgreSQL has been a real asset to us.
Jonathon Sisson, Database Administrator, Bowman Systems LLC
... our customers are typically homeless shelters and food banks that don't have thousands of dollars per-core to throw away, so we switched to PostgreSQL.
Jonathon Sisson, Database Administrator, Bowman Systems LLC
OpenERP has always relied on the enterprise-class features of PostgreSQL to provide a fast, reliable and scalable foundation for the Business Applications supporting our customers' operations every day.
Olivier Dony, OpenERP Community Manager
"By default, PostgreSQL is probably the most security-aware database available ..."
Database Hacker's Handbook,
“We are very strong supporters of technical innovation and creativity, virtues embraced by the PostgreSQL community and open source developers in general. We also like to keep abreast of bleeding-edge technological advancements, and believe that PostgreSQL is the frontrunner in the open source database marketplace.”
Neil Whitney, Vice President, Development, Varicent
PostgreSQL 9.3 provides features that as an app developer I can use immediately: better JSON functionality, regular expression indexing, easily federating databases with the Postgres foreign data wrapper ...
Jonathan S. Katz, VenueBook
PostgreSQL is well positioned for building and running applications in the cloud.
Charles Fan, Sr. VP R&D, VMware
PostgreSQL 9.1 provides some of the most advanced enterprise capabilities of any open source database, and is backed by a vibrant and innovative community with proven customer success.
Charles Fan, Sr. VP R&D, VMware
Native JSON support in PostgresSQL provides an efficient mechanism for creating and storing documents for web APIs.
Taras Mitran, IVC, Inc.
We are eagerly awaiting [PostgreSQL 9.2] and will make it available in Early Access as soon as it’s released by the PostgreSQL community.
Ines Sombra, Engine Yard
NewsBlur, a social news reader, relies on Postgres for storing millions of sites and subscriptions. Solid and reliable for years.
Samuel Clay, NewsBlur
Developers are more likely to port SQL Server to Postgres because it is open source, supports more ANSI features, runs on more platforms, uses a different ACID model and has a great optimizer.
Joe Celko, Author of SQL For Smarties
We've been using PostgreSQL for the Gandi IAAS/PAAS platform and recently internally, to build one of our live systems that stores/computes/outputs millions rows daily, very easily.
Pascal Bouchareine,
Postgres has been my favorite choice for its well known stability/robustness/strong coherency/safety/ACID and SQL conformance.
Pascal Bouchareine,
CloudFlare is proud to number PostgreSQL 9.3 among our chest of tools to deliver acceleration and security to millions of websites.
Lee Holloway, CloudFlare
Centroy has been using PostgreSQL from the start. We wanted the scalability that would hold up to an intense peak workload, along with built in features such as clustering to introduce greater levels of protection across multiple geographic sites.
Andrew Homer, Founder, Centroy
Zalando relies on the stability and performance of hundreds of PostgreSQL database servers to continuously serve millions of customers all around Europe.
Valentine Gogichashvili, Zalando Technologies
We keep up with the latest development of PostgreSQL since 2010 ... and every new release brings us more performance and usability improvements that we take advantage of practically from day one.
Valentine Gogichashvili, Zalando Technologies
Node.js and other server-side JavaScript frameworks can benefit from the safety and robustness of PostgreSQL, while still storing data in the schema-less format that they prefer.
Matt Soldo, Heroku
As the chief database architect for Synthetic Genomics, I was utterly amazed at the power, flexibility and richness of programming interfaces for Postgres.
Mike Sofen, Synthetic Genomics
Postgres 9.5 has proven itself to be utterly stable, remarkably performant, and, in my opinion, the best mixed relational-document store data storage engine on the market at this time.
Mike Sofen, Synthetic Genomics
We have been heavily using PostgreSQL since 9.3 and are very excited about version 10 since it brings basis for long-awaited partitioning and built-in logical replication. It will allow us to use PostgreSQL in even more services,
Vladimir Borodin, Yandex
Quorum commit for synchronous replication in PostgreSQL 10 gives more options to extend our ability to promote database infrastructure with nearly zero downtime from the application perspective. This allows us to continuously deploy and update our database infrastructure without incurring long maintenance windows.
Curt Micol, Simple Finance

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