PGCloud Conference London

Date: 2023-08-10
Location: London, London, United Kingdom
Language: English

PGCloud Conference London is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge about the world's most advanced open source database, alongside like-minded individuals in the London area and beyond.

Whether you use PostgreSQL in your professional life or enjoy experimenting with it during your free time, there is something for everyone to learn.

This conference is ideal for anyone who uses PostgreSQL as their database and is interested in learning more about how to optimize, manage, and scale it in a cloud environment. This includes database administrators, developers, system architects, and anyone else who works with PostgreSQL and wants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in cloud computing. Additionally, these events can be useful for individuals or organizations who are considering migrating their PostgreSQL databases to a cloud platform and want to learn more about the benefits and challenges involved.

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