SaiFirst PostgreSQL DBA 9 Certification Hands-on Training Program

Date: 2013-04-08 – 2013-04-11
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

I. Getting Started -Installing PostgreSQL -Compiling and Installing PostgreSQL on Linux/Unix -Post-Installation Setup -The PostgreSQL Windows Installer -Creating a Database and Testing the Server -Initializing a Cluster -Creating a Database -Starting the Database Server -The psql Client -Startup Failures and Client Connection Problems

II. Basic PostgreSQL Administration -Overview of PostgreSQL Architecture -Configuration Files -Physical Storage and File Layout -Tablespaces -System Catalogs -Logging Parameters -Roles and Privileges -Roles and Their Attributes -Privileges -Role Membership -Security -Securing TCP Connections with SSL -Create Secure SSH Tunnels -Client Authentication -Encryption Options -Backup and Recovery -Overview of Backup Methods -Performing an SQL Dump and Restore -Filesystem Backup -Maintenance and Monitoring -Routine Maintenance Tasks -Monitoring Database Activity -Monitoring Disk Usage -Client Connections -pgsqlODBC and OpenOffice -Windows ODBC and Microsoft Access -Perl DBI

III. Advanced Administration Topics

-Performance Tuning -Continuous Backup and PITR -Warm Standby Servers for High Availability -Asynchronous Replication with Slony-I -Procedural Languages -Contrib Modules

Prerequisite knowledge:

This course requires students to have understanding of Linux fundamentals as well as SQL.

Corporate on-site:

For a group of 5 or more it may be a cost effective and convenient for corporate to outsource the complete training project to CertFirst Professionals to come and bring the training at their own location. This course is available @ your site for as low as $9,995 for a group of 5 candidate(s). Price includes course-ware, classroom lab set up including hardware & software can also be provided at no additional cost for the duration of the training program; client only pays for shipping and handling. Contact us at 630-684-0355 for more information.

Education and Government Institute(s)

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CertFirst Virtual Live Training:

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